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27 Crushing Moments Of A Fresh Grad’s Job Hunt

1. It’s the end of your final semester, you’ve finished your last paper and you’re elated! You’ve got a grad trip planned and some money set aside to tide you over while you take your time searching for a job – life has never been better. 2. But when the excitement of finally putting 15 years […]

Life Update: Degrees and Anniversaries

I’ve got loads on my to-do list completely undone right now but I’m really feeling kind of down and in one of those binge-eating, i-hate-my-life kind of moods so I thought I’d unload with a rambling blogpost before starting in on my work. But if you don’t give a shit about my life and would […]

Finally, an article my friends might actually read

It’s not often that I write articles my friends are actually interested in – I mostly cover arts, entertainment, food and the likes that are targeted at executives or the upward mobile (read: relatively wealthy folks). But if there’s one thing that I’ve noticed everyone is talking about – even the less-than-rich group of people […]

Conflict Resolved

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Everything worked out perfectly. I’ve decided to take the job – and I still might be going to Perth. Though that wouldn’t be in the near future at all. I really hope this job’s a keeper. I don’t want another round of what happened with my previous job *shudders*. So I […]

Why I can’t wake up in the morning.

I can’t wake up in the morning because I don’t see anything to wake up for. Not that I’m depressed, I think, but there just isn’t anything in my day to look forward to. I’m not a novelist, poet, musician, artist, doctor, lawyer, banker, or on my way to any of that. I don’t have […]