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15 Reasons Food Delivery Is God’s Greatest Gift to Man

1. Because what else would you do when you’re stuck at home on a rainy day? 2. Or when mum’s not home to whip up a meal for you? 3. Or you’ve run out of cheese to make your signature grilled cheese? 4. Because sometimes, cup noodles and pop tarts just don’t hit the spot. 5. […]

11 Disconcerting Things about Avril Lavigne’s Hello Kitty

So I’ve been hearing a lot of backlash over Avril Lavigne’s latest song and MV, Hello Kitty, and decided to take a look myself. I headed over to Youtube, thinking that people were just exaggerating over how shitty it is, and didn’t expect to be half bad. And now that I have seen it, I realised that […]

25 Amazingly Cool Records Held By Singapore/ Singaporeans

1. The world’s largest cupcake mosaic Who would’ve thought the cupcake craze would’ve put Singapore on the map? Made out of 20,000 cupcakes and measuring 110.60 square metres, the world’s largest cupcake mosaic was created by the Ayer Rajah Community Centre Youth Club, Shatec Institute and other volunteers in Singapore on 29 July 2012. 2. […]

18 Things Asian Parents Say When Watching Western Shows

1. Why are they wearing shoes in the house? 2. Why would there be ghosts in broad daylight? 3. If there are ghosts out on Halloween, why would you let your kids out to play? 4. Why are the kids even dressed like that? Wouldn’t that just attract the ghosts? 5. Why are they (the […]

23 Signs You Are Definitely Not A Girl’s girl

1. Your idea of a drink isn’t some dessert wine, a fruity cocktail or a cosmo – it’s a beer. A pint of delicious ice-cold beer. 2. Conversations about manicures, the latest beauty trends, cool new hairstyles etc completely lose your attention. 3. But okay, to be honest, being a complete failure at painting your […]

32 Bizarre Superstitions and Old Wives’ Tales in Singapore

1. When you rub a hard-boiled egg over your bruise, the blue-black colour will transfer onto the egg and make the bruise go away. 2. If you point at the moon, you’ll get a cut behind your ear. 3. Drinking papaya milk will give you bigger boobs. 4. Leaving bits of rice in your rice […]

24 Signs You’re A Classic Middle Child

1. You don’t believe in being handed things on a silver platter. (Because you were never handed things on a silver platter) 2. Which means you work hard at the things that matter to you – whether for work, friendships or relationships. 3. But the things you don’t care about? Pfffftttt! You know better than to […]

16 Things You Realise While Hospitalised

1. Nurses are amazing people who are kind of under-recognised for what they do. Apart from well, keeping you alive, nurses have to placate grumpy patients, deal with frustrated relatives and clean up dirty bedpans. And still, people complain about them all the freaking time. Sure, some nurses talk way too loudly at 2am when […]

19 Signs From Chinese New Year That You’re All Grown Up Now. Furreal.

1. Greeting your elders and swapping oranges during Chinese New Year (CNY) doesn’t freak you out any longer. 2. Plus, buying new clothes and receiving red packets aren’t the most thrilling parts of CNY anymore. 3. Though CNY goodies definitely still top the list (because pineapple tarts and bak kwa are frikkin’ amazing). 4. When […]

18 Signs You’re In Love With Your Mobile Phone

1. You can’t sleep easy without knowing it’s right by your side. “Hmmm… Sleepytime… WAIT WHERE’S MY PHONE?! IS IT THERE?!” 2. It’s the first thing you reach for when you wake up in the morning. And you freak the hell out when you can’t find it. 3. You feel anxious when it isn’t in […]