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23 Signs You Are Definitely Not A Girl’s girl

1. Your idea of a drink isn’t some dessert wine, a fruity cocktail or a cosmo – it’s a beer. A pint of delicious ice-cold beer. 2. Conversations about manicures, the latest beauty trends, cool new hairstyles etc completely lose your attention. 3. But okay, to be honest, being a complete failure at painting your […]

8 Reasons Why It’s Okay For National Service Men To Sing About Rape

Just a little bit of context: AWARE Singapore (a women’s rights group in Singapore) was alerted by seven National Service (NS) men to a verse of  Purple Light, an army marching song, that went like: “Booking out, see my girlfriend Saw her with another man Kill the man, rape my girlfriend With my rifle and […]

20 Ways to Know You’re In A Long-Term Relationship

1) Remember when you first started dating? You would hang onto each other’s every word as if it were scripture. Now, though, it’s okay to sometimes get distracted and be all like: 2) And the great thing is that you probably won’t get upset at each other if that happens. Because we’ve learnt to embrace […]

The Six Stages of Online Shopping

Stage 1: The Contemplative Stage “It’s not ridiculous to spend $150 on heels that I’m not sure I can fit into or walk in… is it?” Stage 2: The Stockpiling Stage “I want that one. And that one. And omg these are cute.” *add to cart* *add to cart* *add to cart*  Stage 3: The […]

22 Signs You’re An Ex-Convent School Girl

1. You’re cool with doing the heavy lifting – as long as it’s manageable. What? Wait for the guys to come help out? Girl, we went through 10 years of school without a single guy in sight (unless you count that wimpy math teacher), and we did just fine. 2. You have that one group of […]