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23 Signs You Are Definitely Not A Girl’s girl

1. Your idea of a drink isn’t some dessert wine, a fruity cocktail or a cosmo – it’s a beer. A pint of delicious ice-cold beer. 2. Conversations about manicures, the latest beauty trends, cool new hairstyles etc completely lose your attention. 3. But okay, to be honest, being a complete failure at painting your […] finally launches!

Hi everyone! Yes, I have finally done up, with three spanking new posts to herald in this new era! I’m still working out some kinks and stuff, so I haven’t directed the old blog here yet, but I will very very soon! As mentioned in my previous blog, WordPress users, please remember to resubscribe […]

24 Signs You’re A Classic Middle Child

1. You don’t believe in being handed things on a silver platter. (Because you were never handed things on a silver platter) 2. Which means you work hard at the things that matter to you – whether for work, friendships or relationships. 3. But the things you don’t care about? Pfffftttt! You know better than to […]

16 Things You Realise While Hospitalised

1. Nurses are amazing people who are kind of under-recognised for what they do. Apart from well, keeping you alive, nurses have to placate grumpy patients, deal with frustrated relatives and clean up dirty bedpans. And still, people complain about them all the freaking time. Sure, some nurses talk way too loudly at 2am when […]

I am Moving! Plus an important note for WordPress followers!

Hi everyone! Just a quick note to my existing subscribers and loyal readers (if any)! I will be shifting to a new domain soon – probably within the week – so this blog will be redirecting all readers to the new space. It shouldn’t affect anyone’s reading experience or anything like that… Except… WordPress followers! If […]

8 Reasons Why It’s Okay For National Service Men To Sing About Rape

Just a little bit of context: AWARE Singapore (a women’s rights group in Singapore) was alerted by seven National Service (NS) men to a verse of  Purple Light, an army marching song, that went like: “Booking out, see my girlfriend Saw her with another man Kill the man, rape my girlfriend With my rifle and […]

Thank you, WordPress

Hello Amazing People! I’ve got a new widget on my side bar and I honestly, really have no idea how I got here, but I’m just really thankful to the WordPress editorial team for picking my piece on 20 Signs You Really, Really Hate People and putting it on their Freshly Pressed list two days […]

3 Days in Siem Reap, Cambodia

I’ve been procrastinating on this piece for like a month now. I’m not sure why lol. But I do know why I really want to write this post – because Cambodia was really one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to and I really wanted to journal that experience before I forget it, […]

Discover Local Shops, Local Brands

Life Update: Degrees and Anniversaries

I’ve got loads on my to-do list completely undone right now but I’m really feeling kind of down and in one of those binge-eating, i-hate-my-life kind of moods so I thought I’d unload with a rambling blogpost before starting in on my work. But if you don’t give a shit about my life and would […]