15 Reasons Food Delivery Is God’s Greatest Gift to Man

1. Because what else would you do when you’re stuck at home on a rainy day?

delicious pizza food delivery

2. Or when mum’s not home to whip up a meal for you?

Big Mac Mcdonalds Food DElivery

3. Or you’ve run out of cheese to make your signature grilled cheese?

Cheese sandwich food

4. Because sometimes, cup noodles and pop tarts just don’t hit the spot.

Instant noodles food

5. And because sometimes, you just want to feel fat and greasy and roll around in your own filth. And it’s okay.

Sizzling fries food

6. Because there are times when staying at your computer all day sounds so much more appealing than changing out of your PJs and going out just to grab a bite.

i can have it all 30 rock tina fey food

7. Or you’re just not in the mood to be seen in public during that 15-minute trip to the nearest food centre.

dont look at me melissa mccarthy bridesmaids

8. It’s also the easiest option when you’re having a party and you don’t want to deal with planning, cooking and *shudders* washing crockery.

Cam Hates Cleaning Modern Family

9. Or cleaning up broken crockery for that matter (because all your friends are drunks who can’t be trusted around any glassware).

drunk breaking dishes

10. Also, at 2 o’clock in the morning, short of going on an impromptu hunting trip and barbecuing your kill on the spot, there is just no damn food anywhere.

Ron Swanson pig barbecue food

11. Oh, and at 2 in the morning? You, and everyone else you’re with, is probably too drunk to hunt anything, barbecue anything, or be capable of anything but, well, call, collect and eat.

Ann Perkins Food Picnic Parks and Recreation

12. And let’s face it, delivered food tastes so much better.

Emma Stone Yum Food

13. And it’s really not that expensive! Which means you can order even more than you would at a dine-in restaurant!

mr bean eating chicken drumsticks

14. Especially with things like online coupons…

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selena gomez eating

15. Lastly, because the only thing better than having oily, fattening, toxic food (which delivered food always is) when you’re drunk, is having oily, fattening, toxic food delivered to your doorstep when you’re drunk. And you really wouldn’t have it any other way.

macdonalds fast food delivery collage robin just want you inside me how i met your mother cobie smulders



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