11 Disconcerting Things about Avril Lavigne’s Hello Kitty

So I’ve been hearing a lot of backlash over Avril Lavigne’s latest song and MV, Hello Kitty, and decided to take a look myself. I headed over to Youtube, thinking that people were just exaggerating over how shitty it is, and didn’t expect to be half bad.

And now that I have seen it, I realised that it isn’t that the song or music video is particularly terrible. But I can sort of understand why Avril fans may have felt a wee bit disappointed with it. Fans fell in love with Avril Lavigne for her punk style. They’ve loved her for staying true to her music over the years and not selling out (not entirely anyway) to music trends, so seeing her going all bimbo cute is, to put it mildly, a little disconcerting. Sure, her music has always had pop overtones but they were always fundamentally punk/rock type tunes. Not this generic techno-pop stuff that everyone else on the radio is doing.

I would’ve expected a song like this to come from Katy Perry… or Rebecca Black. Not Avril. But like I said, it’s not a horrible song, or a horrible video. Just… not Avril.

So here are the 11 Things About Avril Lavigne’s Hello Kitty that I found disconcerting:

1. Avril Lavigne going all “Kawaii”

Avril is cool. She’s punk. She’s even kind of sexy. But kawaii cute is not how I would describe her. At all.

avril-lavigne-hello kitty kawaii

2. Avril Lavigne dancing

Yes, she really does pull out some… awkward moves for the video.

Avril Lavigne dancing hello kitty

Let’s stick to guitar strumming and singing shall we?

3. Avril Lavigne doing a cougar-type “Meow”

Coupled with the stone-faced dancers at the back, this is possibly the least sexy “Meow” from a celebrity. Ever.

avril lavigne cougar meow

4. Avril Lavigne getting excited over a Polaroid.

Avril lavigne polaroid

5. Avril Lavigne freaking out girly style at a sushi bar.

avril lavigne freaking out over sushi

6. Avril waving to her fans as she walks down the street with the most plastic smile plastered on her face.

Avril Lavigne Waving Hello Kitty

7. The whole dubstep-esque beat

Sure, she simulates some guitar strumming somewhere in the beginning of the video, but it’s barely enough to placate hardcore Avril fans.

Avril Lavigne Shaking Head Hello Kitty

Yes, Avril. We’re shaking our heads too.

8. Oh and her guitar is pink

(Though that’s not entirely a bad thing… or is it?)

Avril Lavigne Girly Guitar

9. That cupcake skirt

avril lavigne cupcake skirt

Didn’t she once say she liked it better with her jeans all ripped up? 

10. The whole cutesy, hyper, pouting thing she’s got going on.

Avril Lavigne Hyper Waving

Avril Lavigne Pouting

Avril Lavigne Spinning Around

11. And lastly, the terrible lipsynching

Which you’ll really have to see for yourself:

C’mon Avril! You’ve been in the business long enough! Get it together man!


And as a bonus! Here’s a gif of Avril being surprised by Hello Kitty herself!

hello kitty hug avril lavigne 2

Don’t go Kitty Kitty, you’re so pretty pretty~


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