10 Types of People to Unfollow on Social Media

Because there are a ton I would love to unfollow, and most probably have.

The Obtuse

The people who don’t understand and will probably never understand what satire is. Ever.

The Obtuse

youre stupid walking dead mika

The Spammer

Exhibit A:

Spammer Twitter 1 Spammer Twitter 2 Spammer Twitter 3

Okay, we get it. You love Soulja Boy.

jennifer lawrence okay

The Troll

The only reason why you had him on Facebook/Twitter in the first place was because you actually know him personally. But when that person turns around and decides to be a smartass on you, it’s really not worth the grief.

you can go shave your back now mean girls

The Humblebragger


“I have so many followers I feel so pressured to keep them happy”

“Don’t know why but I eat so much and I just can’t put on weight. What a curse!”

“I had such a busy day, I ran all over town for three back-to-back meetings where I met this big shot from some big shot firm and my boss praised my presentation. Barely had time for lunch at this high-class restaurant where I ate steak and caviar before finally coming home to my amazing boyfriend who showers me with glitter, rainbows and butterflies. EXHAUSTED.”


Skylar White Breaking Bad Shut Up

The Relentless Selfie Factory

The people who are obviously afraid you’ll forget their face one day.

Selfie Overload


Hermione sarcastic clap emma watson young

The Incoherent

They’re obviously very passionate about something or other – but you’re just not sure what.

The Incoherent

makes no sense to me

The Pseudo Intellectual

pseudo intellectual

nobody cares glee

The Dramaddict

Their lives always have some sort of drama or other, and they fail to understand that maybe, just maybe, they’re the ones inviting their own drama?

Facebook Dramaddict


The Serial Online PDA Offender

Couples who just don’t understand the concept of “GET A ROOM!”

Facebook PDA

just threw up in my mouth a little bit

The Inside Joker

Y’know, the people who tag a million of their friends in every post laughing about that awesome night that day. OR THE PEOPLE WHO DIG UP YOUR OLD PHOTOS AND COMMENT ON EVERY ONE OF THEM SO YOUR FRIENDS SEE YOUR HIDEOUS PHOTOS IN THEIR NEWSFEED.

jim the office want it to stop

Okay that last one is probably more personal than anything else LOL.


Follow me on twitter @carbmonster, instagram @natkatkoh and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/natkatkoh. I promise not to do any of the above ^^ probably.


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