18 Things Asian Parents Say When Watching Western Shows

1. Why are they wearing shoes in the house?


2. Why would there be ghosts in broad daylight?

30 Rock Jenna Bright Lights

3. If there are ghosts out on Halloween, why would you let your kids out to play?

Halloween lets make a scene

4. Why are the kids even dressed like that? Wouldn’t that just attract the ghosts?

Halloween Kid

5. Why are they (the show characters) always at a bar or a club? Other parent chimes in: “That’s what kids do these days”.

Stanley The Office Nod

6. They wear shoes on the carpet, too?

Clint Eastwood Disgusted

7. That’s what happens when you don’t watch your kids.

lori and carl walking dead meme

8. Don’t these kids ever have any homework to do?

asian father meme

9. She wants to marry a bartender/barista/anyone that isn’t working in the corporate world?!

you doctor yet

10. Wait, why is he dating a guy now – wasn’t he just with a girl? *confused*

liz lemon 30 rock bisexual


jennifer lawrence what

12. He’s taking a year off work to travel?! You mean he’s not doing anything… for a year? *incredulous*

thats so raven disbelief

13. Why don’t they have fences around their houses? That’s how you get robbed!


14. You mean… they don’t wash their hands before eating?

kpop hmm

15. How do you sleep with so many pillows on the bed? There isn’t enough space to lie down!

madagascar pillows filled with baby birds

16. HAHAHA Did she just call her mother-in-law by name?

kpop laughing

17. Kids really leave home young over there huh? *tinge of sadness*

kristen bell crying laughing Five seconds later…

18. If you ever dress like that I’ll kick you out of the house.

Frozen Trolls Blinking

“Well, that escalated quickly…”


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  1. Oh dude that’s so true – I can totally imagine my parets saying these things

    1. Haha I’m glad you can relate ^^

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