32 Bizarre Superstitions and Old Wives’ Tales in Singapore

1. When you rub a hard-boiled egg over your bruise, the blue-black colour will transfer onto the egg and make the bruise go away.

2. If you point at the moon, you’ll get a cut behind your ear.


3. Drinking papaya milk will give you bigger boobs.

jennifer aniston bruce almighty do my boobs look bigger

4. Leaving bits of rice in your rice bowl after a meal will cause your future spouse to have lots of acne and pockmarks.

jennifer lawrence you get zits your whole life

5. Pontianaks (a kind of spirit) come with a strong Frangipani scent – but the closer it gets to you, the weaker the scent will be. Which means, when the scent fades to nothing….

creepy youre gonna die now

6. Trimming your nails or cutting your hair at night is a reeeeally bad idea.


7. A sharp-ish tummy on a pregnant woman usually indicates that the baby will be male.

modern family its a boy

8. Telling people about your pregnancy during your first trimester is very bad luck.


9. So is opening an umbrella indoors.

I guess no one told Rihanna…

rihanna opening umbrella

10. And walking underneath hanging clothes.

looking up glee

11. New mothers shouldn’t bathe after giving birth.

12. And pregnant women should be kept away from sharp objects, like sewing needles and scissors.

april ludgate parks and rec scissors

13. Sweeping the floor during Chinese New Year is really bad luck because you’re sweeping your year’s luck out the door.

woman brandishing broom

14. But cleaning your house before the New Year will bring you good luck!


15. Sleeping with wet hair will give you a cold.



16. So will taking a swim when it’s raining.

Every Singaporean mother’s reaction:

horrified no robin hood

17. When you have a cut or wound of sorts, you should avoid eating soy sauce and seafood, as they will impede the healing process.

i cant eat

“I can’t eat… soy sauce..”

18. The number “4” is bad luck because it sounds like “die” in some Chinese dialects, while the number “8” is good luck because it sounds like “prosperity”.

parent trap good luck lindsay lohan when she was cute

19. Drinking coke with salt can help soothe a cough and sorethroat.

im sick karen mean girls

20. Rinsing your mouth with salt water will help rid you of ulcers.


21. Dragon babies are super babies!

 change baby community

22. Drinking cold drinks will worsen menstrual cramps.

new girl zooey deschanel menstrual cramps

23. Stepping on burnt hell notes’ ashes and joss sticks may cause you to be possessed, so DON’T DO IT PEOPLE.


24. Chopsticks should never be stuck into a bowl of rice, because they’ll look like incense offerings that are meant for ancestors.

25. Clocks are definite no-nos when it comes to gift giving.

cam modern family why do you hate me

26. So are shoes.

Jim the office no

27. Flipping over a fish at the dinner table is super bad luck, as it resembles a boat capsizing. Instead, you should simply remove the bone from the top to eat the flesh underneath.

harry styles using chopsticks

28. Before entering a hotel or chalet room, you should always knock on the door before entering for the first time so any possible spirit inside wouldn’t get mad at you and, y’know, kill you.

Sheldon knocking

29. Having a bird crap on your head is good luck.

bird poop brings good luck meme

30. Wearing red underwear during Chinese New Year will bring you good luck! In fact, some even believe that wearing red underwear while gambling might help you win big time!

red underwear The epitome of good luck!

31. Shaving a baby’s head and eyebrows will ensure that the hair will grow back thick and luscious.

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit

32. When you see an accident on the road, you should take down the license plate numbers of the cars involved and purchase those numbers for the weekly 4D draw – chances are you’ll win! (And also cause a massive jam behind you!)


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