24 Signs You’re A Classic Middle Child

1. You don’t believe in being handed things on a silver platter. (Because you were never handed things on a silver platter)

independent woman beyonce2

2. Which means you work hard at the things that matter to you – whether for work, friendships or relationships.


3. But the things you don’t care about? Pfffftttt! You know better than to waste your efforts on those.

finn glee no time for that

4. Because you’re pretty street-smart,  you may not have done as well in school as your siblings, but you get through life pretty darn well.

happy shrug

5. Even as a child, you may have been a little secretive. Partly because you felt like no one understood – but mostly because you didn’t feel like you needed to tell anyone anything.

ron swanson knows more than you

6. Through your teenage years, you spent a whole lot more time with friends rather than family.

Friends Hug

7. Which may have something to do with how you felt like you didn’t fit in back home.

Alex Modern Family they dont get me

8. And you may have hated yourself for not fitting in with your family at one point in your life

i kind of hate me too

9. But you embrace it whole-heartedly right now.

chandler is weird and sensitive friends

10. And you’ve grown so well into your weirdness, that all your friends and family know you’re a bit of a weirdo, and it’s perfectly okay.

zooe deschanel likes being weird

11. You may have wondered if you were adopted at one point in your life.

How did i get here dorothy wizrd of oz

12. And maybe still wonder it once in a while now LOL.


13. But you know you’re just being ridiculous – and you’re never afraid to smack yourself in the head and tell yourself you’re being ridiculous, because you’re usually astute enough to know when you are.

april ludgate parks and rec because we smart

14. You’re pretty much the polar opposite of  your siblings

Alex Modern Family Haley mugshots were cute

15. In fact, when you were younger, you may have actually made it a point to be as different from your siblings as possible, just so people wouldn’t compare you with them.

chris lowell middle brother rough spot

16. Which means you probably went through a major rebel phase.

never be just like the others

17. You grew up a lot quicker than your siblings (because you had to).

im an adult lonely island

18. And even today, you continue to be one of the most independent people in your social circle.

ooh girl i got this

19. People have, on more than one occasion, said that you have a pretty strong defence mechanism.

april ludgate i hate people

20. But you can’t really help it! And, come to think of it, do you really want to?

steven hyde definite opinion i dont care

21. You always find yourself rooting for the underdog – because in some strange, inexplicable way, you kind of feel like you can relate to them.

my turn to do stuff nobody cares

22. And you get reeeeeaaally awkward when the spotlight is on you. The further we are from being the centre of attention, the better!

thats so raven stop looking at me

23. After years of growing up in a family with 3 kids or more, you have mastered the art of mediation.

phoebe buffay calm down woman

24. Okay maybe not. But you’ve learnt to recognise the signs of a brewing storm and get the hell out before it hits!

little girl outta here tiara

whose line is it anyway outta here

chair suitcase outta here



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