16 Things You Realise While Hospitalised

1. Nurses are amazing people who are kind of under-recognised for what they do.

Apart from well, keeping you alive, nurses have to placate grumpy patients, deal with frustrated relatives and clean up dirty bedpans. And still, people complain about them all the freaking time. Sure, some nurses talk way too loudly at 2am when we’re trying to sleep, but all the life-saving taken into consideration, I think that’s pretty forgivable.

nurse jackie zoey speed

2. It is impossible to sleep in hospitals.

With all the machines beeping, nurses chattering and four-hourly blood pressure-taking going on, it’s impossible to have a good night’s sleep in the hospital – unless of course you’ve been there for a week and have chocked up a pretty nice sleep debt for yourself.

the office dwight cymbals michael scott

3. Hospital food is actually not terrible.

(Though the water tastes like shit.)

not bad supernatural

4. Doctors are reeeally stretched thin.

bilbo baggins lord of the rings stretched thin

5. Yet they manage to be one of the most upbeat people around (I don’t know how they do it).

greys anatomy smile

6. But for all their efforts, they unfortunately don’t know everything. Not for the lack of trying, but because medical research isn’t quite as advanced as I thought it was.

house you cant always get what you want

7. Still, doctors are pretty darn amazing. Because they’ll stop at nothing to figure out what the hell is wrong with you even if the endless blood tests seem to go nowhere.

doctors are flawless scrubs

8. On the patients’ end of things… Some smokers would go so far as to roll their IV drip down to the first floor just to have a smoke.

jesse pinkman so roll me further bitch

9. Oh, and when you have an undiagnosable illness, you get medical students turning up at your bedside at random hours to awkwardly marvel at this brand new specimen they’ve found.

friends staring gif

10. You might even be used as a subject for a med student’s exam. (and from the looks of it, I don’t think that girl did very well :/)

sssss ouch

11. Jokes aside, when you get hospitalised, you realise how fragile life is.

effy skins fragile

12. And suddenly you just feel so… mortal.

pregnant and die mean girls

13. Which is why… Momma was right, insurance is actually really important.

breaking bad walt white youre goddamn right

14. Because life is crazy unpredictable.

bus hitting regina george

15. Also, thank god for friends, because when you get hospitalised, you learn who your real friends are.

bestfriend hug gossip girl

16. And at the end of the day, you realise that blood really is thicker than water.

Because even though you may have some really awesome friends who will drop by to check up on you or drop you texts to see how you’re doing, it’s your family who really has your back, visiting every day and making sure you’ve got everything you need.



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