I am Moving! Plus an important note for Wordpress followers!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note to my existing subscribers and loyal readers (if any)!

I will be shifting to a new domain soon – probably within the week – so this blog will be redirecting all readers to the new space. It shouldn’t affect anyone’s reading experience or anything like that…


WordPress followers! If you’re a WordPress follower and had subscribed for email notifications, you will need to resubscribe for email notifications on my new blog. Otherwise you’ll only be updated on your WordPress reader and not via email.

I believe those who had subscribed/followed without a WordPress account will still be able to receive email notifications though – so no worries about that!

Anyway I’m super excited about this move – it’s taking a lot of my brain bandwidth what with all my work and school stuff going on. But I think it’s going to be worth the effort. I was really worried about how moving from wordpress.com to wordpress.org might be a little troublesome or that I would have trouble getting used to the new format. But I must say, everything is going better than expected!

Ron Swanson is excited

So yeah! There really isn’t going to be that many changes – just a few minor layout tweaks, really. And those annoying WordPress ads at the bottom of my posts will be gone (thank god!). But I have my own reasons for shifting really. Which I will probably write about once I’ve done the full site shift!

Exciting stuff! 2014 is looking really good so let’s hope it stays that way!

Oh, and Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Don’t forget to resubscribe to my new blog when it comes out, WordPress followers!

And as always, thanks for reading!



One comment

  1. it’s not as tough moving from .com to .org. i did it and it wasn’t as tough as i thought it would be. i just came across your blog so i will wait to see you at your new one soon. good luck

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