The Infinite Amount of Times Singaporeans Really Looked Out For Each Other

Okay, so maybe sometimes we don’t help people who drop their laptops or whatever. But I like to think that Singaporeans are generally good, kind-hearted, compassionate people.

I’m not proud of many of our policies but let’s not forget that it’s not just ridiculously priced HDB flats or a lack of minimum wage that make Singapore, Singapore. It’s the people, us, that make up this country too – perhaps the largest part of it. So maybe we should think about how we can make being Singaporean worth being proud of. We can’t do much about our crappy policies. But we can give the world a better impression of Singaporeans as kind, other-centred people – not just mindless citizens of a fascist country that bans chewing gum, freedom of speech and, now, alcohol in Little India.

Singaporeans make me proud of being Singaporean. And these are a couple of examples why:

1. All those times a ‘summon auntie’ (parking attendant) appeared near a coffee shop and Good Guy Kopitiam Uncle would start shouting at everyone to move their cars.


Original Photo Source: Shiberty

2. That time that girl took her own initiative to tell the story of the elderly woman who sells random food items outside Mandarin Gallery.

Not only did it raise awareness about the old lady’s plight, but it also made us think deeper about the less fortunate, whom we see on the streets and at MRT stations every day.

3. That time we banded together to defend ourselves against that Yahoo story on why Singapore isn’t a good place to visit.

We bash our own country a lot. But when non-residents talk shit about our country, we sure as hell fight back.

janis ian that's only okay when i say it mean girls

4. Oh, and no one, NO ONE trash talks our unofficial national language.

Source:  Quora

Source: Quora

grace teng quora response singlish

Source: Quora

Tom Hiddleston Ooh Burn

5. Also, we are mostly apathetic to things around us. But when shit hits the fan, you can bet we stand up for what is right. Like that time that boy shoved an auntie off a bus.

See the uncle who told the boy off at 0:20 and the girl who stepped forward to help the auntie up at 0:29.

Source: Frank 151

Source: Frank 151

6. And that time the Internet rose up against the supervisor caught slapping his intern.

shake head no

7. Also, when the haze hit, a couple of kind Singaporeans went around distributing masks to senior citizens and outdoor workers.

Haze Heroes

Source: XIN MSN

leslie knope thumbs up parks and rec sheldon clapping big bang theory

8. And that time this amazing man gave a total stranger a part of his liver.

good samaritan donates liver singapore

Source: Asiaone

jack sparrow salutes you
We salute you, sir!

9. What about moments in our every day life? Like the many many times Singaporeans got out of their cars to help an accident victim in need.

10. Even if it meant risking their lives.

tipping hat

12. And the times every day Singaporeans helped bring crooks to justice.

Exhibit A:

12. And Exhibit B:

13. How about that recent MRT fight where a fellow Singaporean broke up the two men in a brawl?


14. Which has happened before.


15. In fact, there are plenty of Unsung Heroes around us. And the fact that there’s a group dedicated to helping them out really warms the cockles of my cold, dead heart.

For instance, the woman who is raising five kids on a $1200 income, the man who physically struggles to wake up every morning, and the woman who goes door to door, offering to clean houses for the needy:



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