26 Unforgettable Things That Happened in Popular Culture in 2013

1. Harlem Shake videos

(It got annoying after a while, but now I kinda miss it!)

2. Hadouken photos

3. Game of Throne’s The Red Wedding

lannisters send their regards


(I considered putting the actual clip of The Red Wedding, but I honestly didn’t want to relive the horror :/)

4. The end of Breaking Bad

Jesse Pinkman survived breaking bad

5. The end of Dexter

Dexter says goodbye

6. The end of 30 Rock. (Shit 2013 was a bad year for TV series wasn’t it :/)

30 rock nerd rage

7. At least we got some awesome shows in return! Like Orange is the New Black!

Orange is new black swirl

8. But then there were the deaths. Like Paul Walker’s death


9. Nelson Mandela’s Death

Nelson Mandela Quote

RIP Nelson Mandela

10. And Margaret Thatcher’s death

Source: Dog O news

Source: Dog O news

11. On a brighter note, Kimye had a kid! And named her North West.

 Source:  Bubblews

Source: Bubblews

Kanye Approves

12. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a kid too! And gave him the much better name of George Alexander Louis. (Talk about a regal sounding name huh?)

Source: IB Times
Source: IB Times

I wanna lick it troy barnes community

13. Also, Amanda Bynes lost it.

Source:  E Online

Source: E Online

14. Then Ben Affleck became Batman and the world lost it.

Source: Vamers

Source: Vamers

15. Rebecca Black won back the Internet

Rebecca Black Saturday

16. Britney Spears told us to work it and finally launched her long awaited album, Britney Jean!

Britney Jean album tweet

work-bitch-dance britney

17. Daft Punk made an amazing come back.

Daft Punk Get Luckyy

18. So did Lady Gaga – although she didn’t really go anywhere hmmm…

Lady Gaga on SNL

19. But Lily Allen did. And she came out of her premature retirement with an amazing song and video!

Lily Allen Hard out here

20. Blurred Lines went from being the most loved song to the most hated in 5 seconds flat.

 Blurred lines i know you want it

Blurred lines hey hey hey

21. Miley Cyrus twerked.

Miley Cyrus twerking


22. Beyonce blew the world away with her Super Bowl performance.

Destinys child superbowl 2013

Full performance:


23. Oh and she released a secret album.


Beyonce yeah

24. Jennifer Lawrence fell at the Oscars…

Jennifer Lawrence falling at the Oscars

Recovered awesomely from it…

jennifer lawrence fall oscars recovery

And then instantly became the Internet’s favourite personality of the year.

25. Justin Timberlake’s 17min performance at the VMAs

Justin Timberlake VMAs

26. And Nsync’s ridiculously short, but no less amazing reunion




Thanks for reading!

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  3. Haha, I can’t even. I had no idea this year was so insanely mad!
    Jennifer Lawrence securing her boobs, I mean, DEFINTELY a highlight.

  4. What? And your forgot backstreet boys?!

  5. Love this piece that you have put up together!

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