36 Signs Christmas Is Coming

1. You are nursing your wounds (and empty pockets) from Black Friday shopping.


2. But on the bright side, that means your wardrobe is well stocked for Christmas parties.


3. And if it isn’t, it’s going to be real soon. Probably with red, white or green-coloured clothes with faux fur collars.


4. Which you’re probably gonna regret once Christmas is over.

lauren conrad crying

“What am I going to do with all these clothes…”

5. Speaking of Christmas parties, your calendar is rapidly getting filled up with meet-ups, dinners and other Christmas events.


6. Which may explain this tiny ball of happiness and excitement inside of you, growing more and more each day.


7. You have this strange, inexplicable urge to watch Love Actually.

love-actually-to-me-you-are-perfect christmas

(Hehe before Rick Grimes was Rick Grimes)

8. You also have this strange, inexplicable urge to just buy things – lots of them, whether for gift giving or for yourself.


9. Which is great! Because Christmas sales are suddenly popping up everywhere you turn.


10. You can’t even escape it at home, because online stores have jumped in on the Christmas sales!

Zalora Christmas Page

(FYI Zalora is offering sales of up to 70% off, and you even get a $10 voucher if you sign up for their newsletter! Click here to check  out their Christmas sale!)

11. It is the only time of year where it is socially acceptable to wear reindeer headbands in public.

reindeer antlers

12. To the point where even your pets aren’t spared!


13. The Halloween racks at your local supermarket have been replaced with racks of Christmas decorations.


14. And they’ve got a Christmas playlist on loop all day.


15. Which is probably why you’ve heard Jingle Bell Rock at least ten times. Today.

mean girls jingle bell rock

16. Yet somehow, Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You is the song that’s stuck in your head. And you catch yourself humming it ALL THE TIME.


17. You’ve had the thought: “Holy crap, where did 2013 go?”

simon cowell lost

18. But got distracted by yet another “what are you doing for Christmas” conversation

what are you doing for christmas

19. The sound of bells is just… everywhere.


20. Christmas movies have hit the cinemas.


21. And *groan* they’re playing yet another rerun of Home Alone on TV.

home alone screaming


orchard road christmas light up

Photo credit: XIN MSN

23. And you suddenly don’t feel guilty about eating pure sugar – yeah, I’m talking about candy canes hehe.

mean girls you go glen coco candy cane

24. Oh, and warm woolly sweaters suddenly look comfy and amazing.

friends joey wearing six sweaters

25. Until you look out at the blazing sun and laugh yourself out of the idea.

glozel laughing uproariously

26. You have a sudden craving for gingerbread and nutmeg every time you sit down at a café.

gingerbread man shrek youre a monster

27. And you suddenly feel really really guilty for not going to church all year.

sister act hallelujah

28. You promise yourself you’ll make it for the Christmas service (but you know you won’t – because you’ll be drunk).

drunk bridesmaids

29. Amid all the happiness and excitement, though, you’re hit by the annual conundrum of what to buy that person whose name you pulled out of your company’s secret Santa hat.

the office michael scott secret santa

30. In fact, you find yourself out of gift ideas for your own friends and family.

Confused glee darren criss

31. And you start to freak out at the idea of hanging out with a whole bunch of people you don’t know at parties

freaking out

32. To the point where you almost consider leaving the country to avoid all the hassle

sheldon give up throw paper

33. But then you change your mind because 1. Air tickets are crazy expensive 2. Most hotels are probably fully booked by now 3. Hey~ it’s Christmas!

kanye shrug

(Look! Even Kanye is smiling!!)

34 . And you realise this is the chance to get back in touch with a whole list of people you’ve not seen or heard from in almost a year.

emma stone happy thumbs up

35. And it actually feels kind of nice.

its christmas

36. You can’t help feeling all warm and fuzzy inside – until December 26, which is when you’ll have to start gearing up for a drunken New Year’s.

merry christmas bitches

(Well, almost)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. […] Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post, check out my latest blog entry: 36 Signs Christmas Is Coming! […]

  2. Hi, Loved this. I just wrote a post yesterday on 13 reasons I know it’s the silly season. Mine’s from a 5o year old’s perspective though. Not as funny as you!

  3. This is so funny! :) Christmas is full of surprise isn’t it. Happy holidays in advance!

  4. these collection of gifs are awesome hahaha i love the “i’m ready” one.

  5. A few decades ago, I used to like Mariah Carey Christmas songs :)

    cheers, Andy

    1. Haha! They’re still awesome!

  6. #17 ! HAHAHAHahah Asked myself that almost every year!

    1. 2013 really flew by especially quickly though!

  7. Gotta get me some reindeer hats to wear in public!

    1. LOL. Would you really?

  8. I will not listen to Mariah Carey, I just won’t. LOL and the little clips are soooo hilarious :-) creative

    1. Haha! Yah I know a couple of people who just hate Mariah Carey as well. I never understood why though!

      1. She’s lovely, but they play the song too much. It makes me stomach hurt and blood boil, ha

  9. […] Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post, check out my latest blog entry: 36 Signs Christmas Is Coming! […]

  10. Lol. Just, lol.
    I might love you, for #35 alone.
    But giiiirl, #11 – Wilfred can pull of a reindeer hat WHENEVER.

    1. Hahaha! True that!

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