14 Nineties Nickelodeon Stars And Where They Are Today

1. Melissa Joan Hart – Clarissa Explains It All

By the time I was old enough to be interested in non-animated Nickelodeon shows, we were already in Clarissa Explain It All reruns. She’s probably more known now for her work in Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and, more recently, the ‘Melissa’ in ABC Family’s Melissa & Joey, but we’ll never forget her monologues and animation-emitting antics. Oh the 90s!





2. Kenan Thompson – Kenan & Kel

After thrilling kid audiences for four years with their awesome sitcom Kenan & Kel, both actors Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell auditioned for popular sketch comedy series, Saturday Night Live (SNL), but only Kenan made it through to the show. And, get this, this was back in 2003. Now, Kenan is the longest running African-American SNL cast member, and the second oldest – though barely, since the oldest member is only a year older than him.

And it looks like he’s going to be there for a long time – in a recent interview he said he’s “never leaving” SNL. Then again, he could just be joking. You can never tell with comedians!







He hasn’t really changed a lot has he? LOL

3. Kel Mitchell – Kenan & Kel

Oh Kenan and Kel are both 35 years old. And if that isn’t making you feel old enough. Kel is also a father of two, and recently remarried. Yeah he’s old enough to have been married twice y’all. Thankfully he still pretty much seems the same. He’s still skinny, still cool and, hopefully, still loves Orange Soda.


kel orange soda i do


One word: Swag

One word: Swag

4. Amanda Bynes – The Amanda Show / All That

As one of Nickelodeon’s biggest stars – and thanks to a recent mental breakdown – there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know where Amanda Bynes is right now (under psychiatric care boo *insert sad face here*). But I loved her then and I still love her now. And I think the media should just leave her alone for a while, until she gets back on her feet. And y’know what? If she wants drake to murder her vagina, let drake murder her vagina. Who cares! Amanda Bynes Fan foreverrrrr.

Amanda Bynes then:

Amanda Bynes intro Amanda Bynes mah hah Amanda Bynes Penelope Taynt Amanda Bynes Judge Amanda Bynes Wrong Number

Amanda Bynes Ask Ashley
“That’s Me!”

Amanda Bynes now:

Amanda Bynes 3 Amanda Bynes Brunette amanda bynes now

5. Jenna Morrison – The Amanda Show

Most of us only remember Jenna Morrison as Debbie from The Girls’ Room segment of The Amanda Show and her catchphrase “I like eggs” which just might have contributed to my love for eggs today. In 2011, a known yoga instructor and cyclist Jenna Morrison was hit by a truck and died, which caused a lot of confusion. But most fans are in agreement that it’s not the same PHEW. The real Jenna Morrison seems to have dropped off the face of the earth though, but I think I might have found her Facebook page. She’s now a mother of a cute little boy and running or supporting a fragrance store or something. Anyhoo, I will always always remember her for her famous line:

Jenna morrison i like eggs

6. Lori Beth Denberg – All That

My memory of Nickelodeon is pretty much defined by the many episodes of All That I’ve seen over the years. There are really no words to describe just how freaking awesome All That was (because it’s all that – geddit?!). And they pretty much featured all of Nickelodeon’s best child stars. I’m talking about the original cast, by the way, I’ve no clue about the relaunch cast except for Jamie Lynn Spears because, well, she’s Britney’s sister. But anyway, Lori Beth was always like the ‘big sister’ of the All That cast and she’s easily one of the most memorable of the lot. Her segment Vital Information was one of the best everrrrr and I loved her deadpan voice LOL.

Thankfully she’s still acting now; she had a small role in 2004’s Dodgeball and appeared in Good Burger with old All That castmates Josh Server, and Kenan and Kel. Her most recent appearance was on Comedy Central’s sitcom Workaholics in a cameo as herself.


Lori Beth Denberg All That Vital Information


lori beth denberg workaholics 2012

6. Katrina Johnson – All That

Known as the cute one in All That, Katrina Johnson grew up to me smokin’ hot. Now she’s on a radio talk show called UnCensored Radio and, as of August 2012, was shooting a reality TV show based on her radio programme.





7. Alisa Reyes – All That

Alisa Reyes may not be one of the most memorable actresses of the All That cast, but she was one of the original members for the show. She now makes guest appearances in a variety of TV serials like Six Feet Under, Boston Public and NYPD Blue and work as a DJ for Playboy Radio. Whoa.




alisa reyes 2013

8. Danny Tamberelli – Adventures of Pete & Pete / All That / Magic School Bus

So Danny Tamberelli was known as Little Pete in Adventures of Pete & Pete, and he was in All That AND  the voice Arnold of Magic School Bus between seasons two and four AKA the red-haired, freckle faced kid who always went “I knew I should have stayed home today.”

He’s now in a band called Jounce and is sticking to his roots as a funny man by being part of a sketch comedy group called Man Boobs Comedy – you know it’s awesome just by its name. His latest, prominent appearance was in the recently released Grand Theft Auto V as Jimmy De Santa.

Jimmy De Santa danny Tamberelli

Hey he actually looks like that! Whoa.

Him then:

Okay no for real. Him then:

little pete

And him now:

Danny Tamberelli now

Lol this is his twitter pic I don’t even. LOL.

9. Mike Maronna – Adventures of Pete & Pete

Big Pete here went on to do high school and university like regular people, then went back to TV and film, appearing as a teenage killer in an episode of Law & Order and in movies like Sex and the City, Slackers and 40 Days and 40 Nights. Not really interesting there. But it’s nice to know he’s still around.

Him then:

Mike Maronna

And Big Pete and Little Pete in 2012:

Adventures of Pete and Pete

10. Nick Cannon – All That / The Nick Cannon Show

We’re going back to All That over here but does anyone even remember that Nick Cannon was from All That? In fact does anyone even remember The Nick Cannon Show?

Well pretty much everyone knows where he is now: host of America’s Got Talent, film actor, rapper, and married to one of the top pop artistes in the world. But it’s nice to remember where he started out.


nick cannon all that


Nick Cannon Mariah Carey 2013

11. Drake Bell – Drake & Josh / The Amanda Show

One of my first childhood crushes, Drake Bell went into music shortly after Drake & Josh and The Amanda Show. He recently got signed on to Surfdog Records and will be releasing an album sometime this year (or so he said).

Drake Bell then:

drake bell funny

Drake Bell now:

drake bell taco bell tweet

12. Josh Peck – Drake & Josh

Since acting on Drake & Josh, Josh Peck has lost a ton of weight and is doing amazingly well for himself. He’s acted in Havoc, ATM, Red Dawn, and was the voice of Eddie – y’know, one of the possum-like creatures – in Ice Age.

Him then:

Josh Peck Hoops

Him now:

Josh Peck Eddie Ice Age

13. Miranda Cosgrove – Drake & Josh

She’s probably the youngest person in this list. But she’s such a great actress, in School of Rock, as much as in Drake & Josh as their conniving, scarily smart sister, and, I suppose, iCarly, which I was too old to watch by the time it was released.

In fact in May 2012, she was listed in the Guinness World Records as the highest paid child actress for her work in iCarly. In 2010 it was reported that she earned $180,000 per episode, which meant it was probably much more by the time it ended in 2012.

For some reason Cosgrove is studying in university now instead of wading in pools of hundred dollar bills. But good for her! Let’s hope she doesn’t go craycray like Amanda Bynes when she hits her mid-twenties.

Miranda Cosgrove then:

Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove now:

miranda cosgrove now

14. Lindsay Felton – Caitlin’s Way

DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER CAITLIN’S WAY? It was this show about this girl who was all bad ass and living on the streets and then she gets picked up by the police and sent to some ranch to live in. Which obviously is a culture shock for her. Damn I loved that show. But anyway Lindsay Felton, who played the lead character Caitlin, is still acting a bit here and there.

And the most amazing thing is that she appeared in one of my favourite TV shows right now: Orange Is The New Black. FOR REAL.

Lindsay Felton then:


And her now:

Linsay Felton Orange is the new black caitlins way larry bartender




Thanks for reading!

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  1. “Bitches on tumblr better stop calling me awkward before I get my crocs out”
    Miranda looks the same from then to now.
    LOL. I can totally imagine Drake naming his baby Taco.
    Taco Bell XD

    1. Haha yeah! I thought she’d grow out of her baby face but she didn’t! And yes omg Drake naming his kid Taco HAHA. That’d be so awesome.

  2. Danny Tamberelli and Lori Beth Denberg!! I LOVED All That!

    I used to have a crush on Drake Bell too hahaha! I used to hope that Amanda Bynes and him got together. He didn’t grow up quite so well though. And Amanda looks like a Nicki Minaj rip off now. :-/

    1. HAHAH yes! But I have faith in Amanda! She’s going to be okay again. Drake Bell looks the same what. I think he was actually never really that good looking and we were just young and stupid. AHHAHA. He apparently stood up for Amanda recently though so that was cool!

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