Life Update: Degrees and Anniversaries

I’ve got loads on my to-do list completely undone right now but I’m really feeling kind of down and in one of those binge-eating, i-hate-my-life kind of moods so I thought I’d unload with a rambling blogpost before starting in on my work.

But if you don’t give a shit about my life and would rather check out the funny stuff, then head straight down to 20 Ways to Know You’re In A Long-Term Relationship.

Yeah so I’m feeling so UGGGHHH right now because there’s this overdue essay nagging at the back of my mind which I am so uninterested in doing. Not because the topic itself is stupid or uninteresting – I just realised that I always have this overwhelming what-am-i-doing-with-my-life blanket of thoughts enveloping my mind whenever it comes to school or anything related to school.

I think a lot of it is because I don’t know just how worth it this degree is going to be. Like a lot of people take the path that leads them directly to a degree, and to a certain kind of job and lifestyle, while there’s the rest of us who took a different path, went to work before getting a degree and found ourselves pressured to do what everyone else appeared to be doing – going to university.

And it’s just frustrating because I feel like I’m doing the same work as a graduate would, so I feel like what’s the use of a degree then right? And even if university is an experience as opposed to a means to an end, well, I’m doing a part-time course so I highly doubt that applies to me. And anything I’ve been through experience-wise, like fucked up groupmates and crazy deadlines, I’ve been through them or even worse versions of them during my poly days. So.. I don’t know. It’s a screwed up world.

I just feel like every second I spend on an essay or studying for an exam, none of which will ever help me directly in my working life, is time wasted because I could be using that time to be earning money, updating my blog or even playing Sims 3 – each of which is like a million times more fun and useful to my sanity.

I wrote a whole lot more earlier but it was so incredibly whiny and quite honestly intolerable so I deleted the whole chunk of text and figured that it might be better for me to express my thoughts in gifs:

So universities are all like

mila kunis gonna change your life

But then you’re like

mary kate ashley are you sure

But they look you straight in the eye and are all

toby pretty little liars trust me

So you give in

nina dobrev okay

And at this point you’re not quite sure what you’re in for.

I’m afraid that I’m going to graduate and be right where I was two years ago. What happens if I don’t get offered a higher salary than what I was offered back then?

Or worse. That I might not even be able to get a job at all


I’d be so bummed

michael cera everything sucks

But at least then I’d learn a very valuable lesson

bridesmaids cannot trust anybody

And at least this Jenna Marbles video would come into good good use.

I apologise for this rather negative post by the way LOL. Like I said, I’ve not been having a good day.

On a much brighter note, last week marked my 2nd anniversary with Tim! Which may explain why I’m so miserable right now – because last week I was in a super good mood and then now everything has just crashed because life’s like that.


We had a great dinner at Coastal Settlement, ate a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in bed after, and just had a really really great night.

So I’m dedicating my next post to that. Because like it didn’t occur to me how long two years is. And while I used to really resist change because I enjoyed our honeymoon period so much, I’ve eventually learnt to embrace it and, as I always do, laugh at it.

So here it is: 20 Ways To Know You’re In A Long-Term Relationship.


Thanks for reading!

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  1. I’m an undergraduate and I know exactly how you feel. I get that “overwhelming what-am-i-doing-with-my-life blanket of thoughts,” but what I can tell you is that when I get them it’s when I put things off. I also feel you on the being afraid of what the future holds after college and if its really worth it. I just wanted to let you know you aren’t the only one theres probably a lot of college students that feel like this. The funny thing in class the other day we were talking about how you get a feeling of how your the only person doing bad but in reality everyone is in the same predicament as yourself. Just keep your head up and try to stay positive it will be all worth it in the end!

    P.S. You gained a new follower from the 20 Signs You Really, Really Hate People and this! :)

  2. I’m in grad school now and I feel your sentiments exactly! Your blog is awesome, I’m happy I stumbled upon it.

    1. (: Thanks for reading! I’m glad you can relate. Let’s hope our academic efforts are worth it ://

  3. Monotonous · · Reply

    Does it help knowing that you are not alone in feeling this way? For me I kind of chose my degree on impulse, which has no relevance to my work and vice versa. Every time I stared at the text in my reader the first thing that goes thru my head is ‘I don’t need to know any of these’.
    Thanks for sharing, glad to see I am not the only one going insane:D

    1. It actually does help so thanks so much for commenting :’) I just keep holding on to the fact that I’ve only got about half a year to go before I can put school life behind me for good. But that half a year couldn’t come soon enough. For real.

  4. I really like this entry! Very funny.
    Love those gifs (esp on Mila Kunis) LOL!

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