10 Boybands That Need To Come Back To Our Lives

Of course, we’re all thrilled that Nsync came back into our lives with a bang. But I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic about all the other awesome boybands from the 90s that have all but disappeared from the face of the earth. So I’ve come up with a list of the old baggy pants-wearing, awkward dance moves-making boybands from the time when singers could actually sing.

And a part of me believes that they’ll all come back someday (sort of like how I believe Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson will one day come back from the dead) because…

boybands will never die

1. Backstreet Boys

Duh. They were the definition of 90s boybands. Backstreet’s Back? I Want It That Way? Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely?

Amy Big Bang Theory yes Please

2. Westlife

These guys put boybands of today to shame for real. They had some serious singing chops. Only problem is that they weren’t much of dancers, so they pretty much got by standing around and singing meaningfully to the camera.




simon cow bored

BUT who cares right? I loved them anyway. They were pretty frikkin’ awesome. Exhibit A:

3. Hanson

Yeah yeah I know these Oklahoma brothers just released a song but NOTHING BEATS GOOD OLD MMMBOP.

I mean, have you seen hair like that since then?

4. 98 Degrees

Most kids of today would probably have never heard of 98 Degrees but these guys sang a song with Stevie frikkin’ Wonder that appeared on Disney’s Mulan. AND their hot lead singer married Jessica Simpson.

98 degrees

Oh the days when jokes like that were considered funny. *nostalgia*

Oh and, as a youtube commentor puts it, they sang the ultimate friendzone anthem.

5. Boyzone

Way before Ronan Keating was Ronan Keating, he was part of this band called BOYZONE. Sort of like the One Direction of the 90s, except with more brains than cute faces.

Remember that time One Direction were called in to assist Ronan Keating in judging X Factor Australia?

One Direction Ronan Keating 1
One Direction Ronan Keating 2

emma stone burn

6. All For One

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER ALL FOR ONE? No? But you’ll probably remember this song:

(LOL check out the guy in the background dancing to the song)

7. A1

Who in heavens knew what happened to A1. I don’t. But they were the cutest darn boyband around fo’ sure. And it’s probably because they’re British hehe.

British boys cute

8. Plus One

This band was really late to jump on the boyband-wagon. And they had like one and only one hit.

Aaaand it turned out they were a Christian boyband.. Which is kind of.. erm..

glee speechless

9. O-Town

OMG Please tell me someone remembers O-Town. I used to think their Liquid Dreams video was THE COOLEST EVER. But now come to think of it… Does Liquid Dreams actually mean wet dreams? WHAT THE FUCK.

troy lies community

10. Boyz II Men

Yeah apart from writing the ultimate song for lovemaking, they’re actually a pretty fucking big deal. Their first single, End of the Road broke Elvis Presley’s record for longest running number 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100, then beat their own record years later with I’ll Make Love To You and One Sweet Day. AND they became the third artiste ever (after The Beatles and Elvis) to have two different songs in the top spot consecutively. Wow? Yeah I think so. Heh.

And guess what. They are STILL performing. Guess they meant it when they said:

boys 2 men


Thanks for reading!

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  1. God, so much guilty pleasure music coming back to life now…thanks for that;) Your blog is hilarious btw

  2. I love Westlife. I can’t decide if I love or hate Shane’s solo songs- Can’t like them cause it means I support his solo career, can’t hate them cause he’s still Westlife!!

  3. Ummm…BSB didn’t go anywhere. They’re touring right now, with a new album and everything. And aren’t 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men doing their thing with NKOTB? How do you classify ‘come back’?

    1. Come back as in relive the glory days they had in the 90s? Anyway chill out man. It’s just a feel good post to evoke nostalgia and bring you back to the 90s. Not like I’m trying to start a petition or champion a revival of 90s boybands. Nothing serious here :)

  4. My childhood consisted of Westlife and A1 Concerts in VHS. <3 This list made me wanna listen to their songs again :))

    xx Gizel

    1. lol yay! I loved Nsync and Westlife. Those were the days :’)

  5. Donovan · · Reply

    I miss Westlife and Boyz II Men. Good list right there.

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