10 Songs Community Ruined For Me

1. Seal – Kiss from a rose

“Now that your rose is in bloom the a light hits the gloom on the grave- JESUS~ LOVES MARIJUANA~ JESUS~ LOVES MARIJUANA~~”

2. An American Tail’s Somewhere out there

Troy and Abed trying to train a rat to respond to this song is freaking epic – it’s even funnier that they chose a song from An American Tail, which is about, yes, a rat.

3. Aimee Mann – Wise Up

Skip to the 1 minute mark if you don’t care about the build up hehe.

4. Dancing queen – or any ABBA song for that matter

Unfortunately they don’t have all the clips of ABBA songs from this episode on Youtube. But seriously, the inclusion of ABBA songs in a Zombie episode is a stroke of GENIUS.

5. This gangsta’ sounding chinese song


6. Any song Glee-related

Is it just me, or do all glee songs sort of sound like this?

7. Lord of the Ring’s Hobbit theme

For those unfamiliar with Community, or this episode, the group is playing Dungeons and Dragons, and Annie’s character, named Hector the Well Endowed, is supposed to make love to an Elf Maiden i.e. Abed, to get information they need. But since Community is such a family-friendly show, they censor out the gory details with some lovely LOTR-ish music.

Note any similarities?

8. Bruce Hornsby’s The Way It Is

9. All children’s/puppet/sesame street songs

Warning: Ear worm below!

10. AAaannnddd… Christmas Songs in General

(Skip to 1:10)


Thanks for reading!

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