12 Surprising Differences in Owning Dogs and Rabbits

1. Your rabbit will take roughly a year to warm up to you (mine took almost a year and a half); your dog loves you the minute you promise her a nice warm home.

Bunny after one year


“You do not exist, human.”

Dog after one month

Happy licky dog

“I love you so much you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me!”

2. It’s adorable when your bunny goes into crazed happy running mode; it’s downright frightening when your dog does

Bunny running around


Dog running around

dog running kid falling

3. They have very very different ways of expressing their (sexual) love for you.

Bunny’s show of love

bunny running around feet

Doggy’s show of love

dog hump funny

4. Even when they’re feeling less loving (read:horny), the difference is palpable.

What it feels like when a bunny is licking you

Image that as young finger. Awww

Imagine that as your own finger. Awww

What it feels like when a dog licks you

dripping wet dude

5. They both make you melt, but in very different ways

bunnies super adorable

This is so cute I just want to cuddle the both of you <333

puppy dog eyes

“Okay Rambo, you can have as many treats as you want. Take my children, I don’t care! Just stop looking at me like that!”

6. At times it feels like your rabbit might do a better job guarding your house than your dog will.

Rabbit attack


Dog Attack

cutest puppy ever

“Go Chin-Chin! Attack!” “No dude what’re you doing?!”

7. Your dog can physically force you to do stuff. While your rabbit, well.

They’re pretty content as long as they’ve got food.

bunny eating lettuce

Dogs, on the other hand… Sure aren’t afraid of getting physical.

dog pulling girl off computer

8. They’re both kind of useful around the house I guess…

Bunnies could open letters for us


And dogs are always eager to return a favour

dog and kid scratch backs

9. But mostly they’re just good for lazing around.

bunny rolling over

corgi running then sleeping

10. But they never fail to brighten our days!



(Lol my bunny really does this all the time by the way. HAHA makes me laugh every single time it happens)

11. And I wouldn’t trade either of them for all the world – in good times and bad.

dog looks like molly

bunny giving toy

dog in blanket and cage

bunny licking face

12. For real.




Thanks for reading!

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  1. Awwww : D
    #5 kind of killed me, take my kids, hahaha, so true, just stop staring!!! : D

  2. […] 12 Surprising Differences In Owning Dogs and Rabbits […]

  3. Enjoyed this very much. Great job!

  4. Loved this, natalie …think you have found my level :D Posting it to Facebook …

    1. Brilliant thank you! :)

  5. Great post! I loved the one with the dog that has treats in his mouth. :)

    1. Haha I totally just melted when I saw that one and knew I just had to add it in! haha

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