I Went Viral Last Week

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So last week, my post on 22 Signs You’re an Ex-convent School Girl went viral. It had 116,000 views within the first day and as of now, has over 10,000 shares/likes/comments on Facebook, 1000 tweets on it and 100 likes by wordpress bloggers.

I’d like to say I’m famous right now, but I’m not LOL.

It never quite dawned on me how connected the world is right now through the internet, but it’s kind of crazy how over 200,000 people have read that post even though most of them have never met me. And even those who have, didn’t even know it was written by me.

I met some people over the weekend and my excitable friends were like “THIS IS THE GIRL WHO WROTE THE CONVENT GIRLS POST” and they were all like “NO SHIT! REALLY? I SAW IT ON MY FEED ALL DAY”

It was quite cool to think that everyone was reading it – okay not everyone, but so many people were reading it or at least knew of it.

And it was also kind of hilarious that even my own sister, the main star of How To Annoy Your Sister read the story while she was at a school camp and she didn’t even know it was my blog LOL.

By the way, people were totally sharing that post (on how to annoy your sister) on Facebook, and it’s one of the more popular posts on my blog, which was a complete surprise for me LOL. I actually wrote that as a kind of filler post – like one of those weeks I had nothing to say but I just wanted to post something to keep the blog alive kind of thing. Who knew that people actually wanted to read about my annoying antics. What a strange strange world.

But anyway, it’s been a pretty darn cool week.

Even though there were some erm. psychos here and there, like 90% of the comments, whether on the blog itself or on Facebook or Twitter, were totally positive. It’s actually kind of incredible that I could reach out and connect with so many people. AND they are people from like all over the world.

By the third day I was getting loads of hits from Malaysia and the Philippines.

And right now most of my hits are actually from India and the U.S.

Still. Crazy crazy stuff.

So I just wanted to say, thank you for reading, and sharing, and posting, and liking, and just being awesome people.

I really appreciate it! And I don’t know if I can follow up with posts that are just as funny or that will strike a chord with just as many people, but I will try. And let’s face it, it’s a whole lot more fun writing on my blog than it is for my clients heh.

My reaction to it was very much like the first time a post of mine was shared on Facebook by strangers (read about it in My Two Days of Internet Popularity) HAHA I was so happy back then about 550 views, I never expected to get more than that.

But anyway yeah. My reaction was pretty much the same. Except that this time I was feeling so positive about it! Because I actually shared the post on Facebook at around 1am, and even then people were sharing and liking.

And when I woke up later in the day, around 11am (life of a freelancer woohoo) I already had 6000 views. And then it just kept accumulating and growing. At 2pm, it was at about 20 or 30k and my boyfriend was like “It’s going to hit 60k I think” and I was like NAAAAHHH. And then it hit 100.

So that was my

Keanu Reeves Whoa GIF


OH And can I just say how ironic the post kind of went viral, because I once wrote about how I don’t get viral anythings? HAHAHA. Oh how the tides change.

So anyway, THANK YOU ALL FOR READING once again.

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If you scroll all the way down on any page, I’ve got my categories over there and you can click on Humour and Lists for other funny-ish kind of posts. Or if you care about my personal life, you can click on that as well, but I don’t post very much about my personal life. I think my actual face only appears on this blog like in three posts. Hehe. I am the human equivalent of the legendary beasts in pokemon.

Oh and I’ve removed the twitter widget from the right column because I’m not the most PC kind of person out there. So please don’t be offended if I don’t accept your request to follow me. It’s not you, it’s me.

Have a good 3-day week y’all!! And Happy National Day!


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Congrats but it hasn’t gone viral. It needs millions of hits to be defined as viral. Very impressive though!! Well done. xxx

  2. Congrats! You did forget to mention the days when we could go with unshaved legs and the fashion statement of wrinkled and uncared for uniforms. Yet we looked fabulous on the weekends!

    1. HAHAHA. I think I shaved then more than I do now. But yeah the uniform thing totally. I rmb how we would get everyone to stamp on our brand new white shoes to make them look dirty and cool. HAHAHA.

      1. Oh crap, I just checked my legs and I’m a Yeti – You may be right about the shaving! Good times fellow convent-girl! :)

  3. Congrats on going viral :)

    1. Thank you :) Thanks for reading and following!

  4. now thats a lot of views

    1. LOL yeah I was completely blown away when I realised how many people were reading. Heh.

      1. I haven’t even reached near that much

      2. you wrote those?!
        my lord!

        1. LOL why are you in such disbelief!

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