The Six Stages of Online Shopping

Stage 1: The Contemplative Stage

Onling Shopping Stages

“It’s not ridiculous to spend $150 on heels that I’m not sure I can fit into or walk in… is it?”

britta nodding fervously1

Stage 2: The Stockpiling Stage

Contemplative Six Stages of Online Shopping

“I want that one. And that one. And omg these are cute.” *add to cart* *add to cart* *add to cart*

every girls dream

 Stage 3: The ‘Truth Hurts’ Stage

Truth Hurts Stage Online Shopping

“$927.94? Really?”


Stage 4: The Bargaining Stage

Fix It Stage Online Shopping

“I’ll just remove some items from my cart. But OH GOD I LOVE THEM ALL T.T Or maybe I could live on carrots this month so I can afford one more pair…”

sherlock thinking

Stage 5: The Impulse Stage

Impulse Stage Onling Shopping

“Fuck it. I’m buying this shit.” *Checkout*

chris fuck it skins

Stage 6: The “It Just Sunk In” Stage

Irreversible Stage Onling Shopping



Stage 7 (Bonus): The “HAHAHA OH FML” Stage

troy spent all his money


sheldon cooper laughing





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  1. You have an amazing sense of humor! Love your posts!

    1. Heh thanks for reading! :)

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  3. yourothermotherhere · · Reply

    I can relate.

    1. heh I’m glad!

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