22 Signs You’re An Ex-Convent School Girl

1. You’re cool with doing the heavy lifting – as long as it’s manageable. What? Wait for the guys to come help out? Girl, we went through 10 years of school without a single guy in sight (unless you count that wimpy math teacher), and we did just fine.

snap gif

2. You have that one group of girlfriends that you know will be there for you. FOREVER.


3. “Friendship problems” don’t throw you anymore. We’ve been through 4 years in a school full of girls going through puberty all at the same time. It was hell. There would always be at least one person in any classroom PMSing at any one time – plus we pretty much hung out with the same group of girls so much that our cycles literally synched up. Yes, it’s not a myth; it’s true. Which basically means WAR every few weeks. I repeat. It was hell.


4. But then again, that’s what made our friendships stronger than anything else in the world.

Gossip Girl

5. You went through a lesbian phase – or there was at least one moment in your life where you actually looked at another girl and went “Hm. Not bad.”

shane and carmen l word

not bad

6. You recognise that lap dance scene – yes, it’s from the L word.

finger wagging

7. You remember the first time you wore a skirt without shorts underneath – your thighs had never felt cooler


8. Lesbian tendencies aside, a lot of your conversations with friends had to do with Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Josh Hartnett, Jude Law… and well, every male celebrity that came to our attention.

ryan gosling sexy

Emma Stone Babies

9. For years after secondary school, you never wore a skirt that went below your knees, thanks to a ridiculously strict dress code that you had to follow for a full decade.


10. You look pretty presentable and kind of demure to strangers. But when you’re with your friends, it’s a whole different story.

fuck you very much

11. But in spite of that, the morals you learnt at school have somehow stuck with you through all these years.


12. And you still kind of remember the words to Our Father.

glozel preach

13. And some hymns will never ever leave your mind for good. Like As The Deer. What was with that song?

sister act hallelujah

14. You went through a major vain phase.

mariah carey rather look at pictures of self

15. And have heard people bitch about their weight one too many times


16. You understand that skirt rolling, is an ART.


17. And you hate it when young girls cross the line and go full slut.

jenna-marbles buy a whole shirt

18. You’re definitely not afraid to speak your mind.


19. Because somehow we’ve been trained to be strong, independent women.

independent woman beyonce2

20. And even though we’ve been through a lot of shit as ex-convent girls

talking shit

21. And at times it sort of felt like this:

start over

22. The experience, memories and friendships were all kind of worth it in the end.





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  1. Stephanie Danielle · · Reply

    Reblogged this on Stephanie..

  2. Sukh Charanjit Kaur · · Reply

    Convent of the holy Infant Jesus, Muar Johor

  3. number one is simply priceless.

  4. Great piece!

    1. i was ccps

  5. ij beeyotch · · Reply

    thank you for that hilarious piece which has been making its rounds on fb!

  6. omg tis is just so true man….

  7. Nice..anyone from CLS Penang?

    1. Yasmin · · Reply

      CLS Penang class of ’99!

  8. As an SACian, we also know a certain Italian song without knowing what the hell it was

  9. I was from SAC with the pinafore N e stupid Peter Pan collar than needed to be buttoned up ALL e time!!!!!

  10. Hi .. I was from MCS…

  11. Chrissy · · Reply

    I’m also a Convent girl from Malaysia!

  12. […] 22 Signs You're An Ex-Convent School Girl. […]

  13. JUJUNK · · Reply

    Would be nicer if not for all the internalised misogyny

    1. I’m sorry, do you hate women?

      1. I don’t think JUJUNK does – she’s implying that you, albeit not even realising it, support misogyny. The skirt photo you used reflects that, and slut shaming as well.

    2. Lamkdya · · Reply

      And slut-shaming.

  14. You totally forgot the fact that we know french! Thanks to to that particular hymn !
    And and and that despite whatever, we’ll ALWAYS pull our skirts up to tuck down at our blouses.

    1. HAHAHA omg yes! But I was from SAC and during my sec one year, they got rid of the pinafores and replaced them with some skirt and blouse combo booooo.

  15. so true!! chij-st josephs convent girl over here ;)

    1. LOL Cool. I was from St Anthony’s.

  16. Cool stuff for the most part, but it’s a bit disappointing how the skirt photo was used. Yknow, a photo from an exhibition designed to question preconceptions on women based on skirt length/ an image created to challenge rape culture. #justsayin


    1. Art is only as you interprete it. #justresponding

      1. It was a great post, I really relate to a lot of the things here, but I’m sorry if I come across rude but I don’t think Rett Marie’s point got through to you? She was just explaining how using 16. as how you are using it further perpetuates the rape culture? Just in case you don’t know what rape culture is, it’s basically I guess a phenomenon where rape victims (namely women) are blamed and how men feel entitled to sex, and also the double standards that exist for women and men regarding their sexuality. In that picture, “asking for it” is a direct reference to victim blaming.

        And regarding 17, if you would allow me to explain how 17 is an example of slut-shaming. Slut shaming basically stems from the double standards regarding sexualities for men and women, Men are celebrated for “scoring with the ladies” whereas women are shamed for dating several men. It’s basically their choice to dress promiscuously, like is their dressing really harming anyone? And why should we criticise a woman’s sexual activity because it’s really none of our and society’s business?

        Also sorry, I scrolled down to see other comments on your post being misogynistic hopefully this clears this up for you and you have a better understanding of internalized misogyny and how your post actually perpetuates and contribute to the current issues that continue to oppress women! And sorry if anything here is unclear or incoherent, if you need any clarification just let me know.

        1. I’m sorry, do you hate women too?

      2. (This is in response to Nicole, because for some reason I can’t reply directly to her comment.)

        I agree that it could be interpreted to perpetuate rape culture. But at the same time, this is a humor piece. People make jokes ALL the time about murder, prison, etc when writing/performing comedy; obvs it’s a different situation if this were a more serious piece.

        Additionally, I believe Natalie’s expressing the views/reflect the experience that convent schools try to impose or give to their female students. Reading this made me relive my high school experience and the things I used to believe in. And in my opinion, her choosing to post that (just like she chose to post the photo about her belief in saving virginity for someone special) just further proves her point that, while a highly conservative education doesn’t define you, it DOES influence who you become and what you believe. :)

      3. And Natalie, I don’t think Nicole hates women at all; she just has different (but still very pro-female empowerment) views from you regarding the topic. But yes great post all in all.

      4. HI Yanna. Thank you for taking the time to read my long and maybe incoherent comment. I see where you’re coming from, that humour can be applied to almost everything, but the thing is jokes about rape is part of the rape culture. It’s still an ongoing and complicated debate about whether rape jokes are acceptable, in the comedy industry and outside. But I believe it’s harmful because by joking about it, it trivializes the deed itself, making it seem okay to most people (namely, men). There are of course some cases in which it is used appropriately to challenge the rape culture such as this (http://www.theawl.com/2013/07/rape-joke-patricia-lockwood) which I highly recommend but there are some like the comedian Daniel Tosh who responded to an audience member who “heckled” him about rape jokes not being funny: “Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by, like, five guys right now? Like right now?”. He basically used a rape joke to assert his male privilege over her.

        And yes I totally agree with that, about how it reflects “the experience that convent schools try to impose or give to their female students.” My intentions were not to condemn her for her views at all, just trying to show her another side of how could be harmful to women.

  17. Girl, as a fellow all-girl school alumna, there’s so much win in this list I don’t even know where to start! Also, “Amazing Grace” *cringe*.

    1. HAHAHA I know. There are some songs like Seek Ye First or like that Easter Song that just make me cringe every time I hear them.

  18. Nat,
    Were you, by chance, from Katong Convent? :)

    1. Omg were you!! I was from SAC hahahaha. we’re pretty close!

      1. Oh. NO. I was from St Patrick’s. Just next to KC. It’ll be difficult if not impossible for me to enroll myself in KC being a guy…:)

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    22 signs you’re an ex-convent school girl.

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