12 Reasons Why I Might Be A TV Series Addict

1. Watching Khal Drogo crash the Game of Thrones panel session at Comic-Con 2013 made two things hurt – my face because I was smiling so hard especially at Emilia Clarke going “MY SUN AND STARS”, and my heart because it is a reminder of HOW HE IS DEAD AND THE WORLD FELT LIKE A BIG BLACK HOLE WHEN HE WAS IN THAT BLACK MAGIFIED COMATOSED STATE. Oh god the feels.

my sun and stars comic-con 2013 game of thrones

troy community my emotions my emotions

Watch their touching reunion here.

2. I twitch every day that I don’t watch an episode of Community. And the fact that I have to wait MONTHS for the next episode is KILLING ME. I’m also very upset by Donald Glover going part-time. Like. Like. Like. Isn’t that the most selfish thing ever? What’s gonna happen to Abed? *blank* and Abed in the morning? THAT’S RIDICULOUS.

troy and abed in the morning i'm not psycho

3. Emmy Award Nominations ACTUALLY REALLY AFFECT ME. I am insanely happy that most of the TV shows I love like Mad Men, Game of Thrones, 30 Rock, Modern Family etc were nominated for so many awards. But I was like really really really upset about The Office not getting nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series. I mean like. HELLO. SEASON 9 WAS AMAZING CONSIDERING THAT THERE WAS NO MICHAEL SCOTT AND IT WAS THEIR LAST SEASON EVER IT WAS AMAZING OMG. And Rainn Wilson and Jenna Fischer not getting nominated for anything? BLASPHEMY!!!!!

Not giving them a major award is like saying that it sucked as much as season 8 of  How I Met Your Mother did. Because erm. Have you seen both shows?! Incomparable. And on that note, yeah as a fan of HIMYM for so many years, the latest season was like a massive disappointment. Not even Neil Patrick Harris could save it this time LOL.

4. Even though I spend like an ungodly amount of time watching TV shows – more than most people at least – I always feel like I’ve not watched enough. Like they’re just so many unwatched shows that I’ve left untouched. BUT I have this stupid fucking thing, where I get really upset when I watch something unsatisfactory – much like watching How I Met Your Mother’s season 8. So I do this thing where I choose to watch the same shows over and over again instead of watching new ones because I know I won’t be disappointed. Which I honestly think is kind of insane.

oh my god i need help big band theory

5. I get really upset when shows get cancelled. Even if it’s a show that was aired long ago and I only just got to watch it. For e.g., Pushing Daisies. I reached the end of Season 2 only to realise that it was cancelled and I’ll never get to see awesome new episodes of it again and relive the awesomeness that it exudes. Instead, I got a very sad, rushed series finale that tied up all the loose ends rather haphazardly… I can’t go on. It’s too painful.


6. It kills me when I see a gif/quote from a show I watch and I don’t remember where it’s from. For e.g., the gif above me when Abed says very seriously “Six seasons and a movie” because I’m very sure that Abed said it in episode 21 of season 2, which was the mock flashback episode, where they kept flashing back to past events, as so many TV series do. Except that instead of using old shots from previous episodes, they actually filmed new shots of situations that viewers had never seen before. And one of those shots was of Abed doing a re-enaction of The Cape, where he knocks over Jeff’s tray in the cafeteria and Jeff’s like “THE SHOW’S GONNA LAST THREE WEEKS” and Abed yells back “SIX SEASONS AND MOVIE”.

I'm sorry what's the questions pam the office

7. Jokes with pop culture references make me REALLY laugh. Hard. It makes me feel special. Like I feel like I’m in a special club where only a certain amount of people are entitled to such humour. AND I’M A PART OF IT.

hodor chapter game of thrones

8. I have watched Friends, from episode 1 of season 1 in chronological order, all the way til the series finale, FIVE TIMES, not counting the other times I’ve watched friends not in chronological order. And I still get motherfucking excited when I see it showing on cable.


9. I find it completely COMPLETELY bizarre when people tell me they don’t watch like a superbly popular show. Like.

you don't watch game of thrones


10. I chase shows THAT I’VE ALREADY WATCHED. That I MAY NOT EVEN LIKE THAT MUCH. Like Once Upon a Time. I watch episode after episode late into the night. And almost die of shock when I realise it’s 5am.


11. I make references to TV shows ALL THE TIME that half the time I don’t think anyone really knows what the fuck I’m talking about.

do you understand the words

Which is why I very much prefer staying home, not meeting anyone, and, yes, watching TV shows.

Get out of my way

12. The fact that I’m dedicating this whole strongly worded, and frankly, needlessly emotional post to TV series in general. #What #Am #I #Doing #With #My #Life.





Thanks for reading!

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  1. OMG, I’m insane, too.
    I hate you for forcing me to realise things.
    I’ll just go back to watching the Office and NOT read your posts.
    OR I’ll watch Reign and come back to your blog halfway the second episode, because that skimpy, lacey nightgown on a lady-in-waiting is killing me.

  2. […] 12 Reasons Why I Might Be A TV-Series Addict […]

  3. oh my, haha, this ^ exactly lol

    1. Hehe I’m glad you can relate! It’s a bit of a curse this TV series addiction. LOL. I’m glad to see I”m not alone!

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