How to annoy your sister

When travelling, most of your time spent is in the car or tour bus or whatever because you’d want to maximise the amount of time spent in any country by going to see as many places as possible – which is exactly what happened when I was in the UK.

So most of the time what happens is that you get really bored because you will definitely run out of things to do. So how else do I keep myself occupied than by annoying my younger sister? 1. She can’t hit me (it goes against all our Chinese values) 2. It’s funny when she get exasperated.

Just a sidenote, for some reason the radio stations we were listening to kept playing the same songs over and over again so the conversations about the songs are bound to happen. So this is what happens..


*Pink’s Give Me a Reason comes on*

Me: “Is it written in the stars or scars?”

Sister: “She says ‘stars’ once, and ‘scars’ another.”

Me: “Oh. So it’s written twice? In the stars and scars?”

Sister: *pause* “Okay it’s IN the stars and WRITTEN in the scars.”

Me: “So it’s there twice.”

Sister: “No it’s IN the stars and WRITTEN in the scars.”

Me: “Okay..”


Me: “So what’s the ‘it’ she’s talking about?”


Me: “Hello can you hear me?”

Sister (who I think has been driven slightly mad at this point): “WAIT. WAIT. I’m listening to the chorus- *starts singing loudly* ‘in the scars on our hearts THAT WE’RE NOT BROKEN JUST BENT AND WE CANT LEARN TO LOVE AGAIN.’ — THAT’S WHAT’S WRITTEN.”

Me: “You mean that’s what’s in the stars and written in the scars?”

I’m pretty sure at this point she was going to punch me.


*Taylor Swift’s Everything has changed comes on for the millionth time*

Sister: I really like this song!

Me: What’s this song?

Sister: Everything Has Changed? She’s been singing that line over and over again.

Me: Really? It sounded like she was singing “Everything’s the same.” See, listen.

I then went on to sing really loudly over the radio “EVERYTHING’S. THE SAME.”

Sister: *confused face*

and then..

Sister: I hate you.


Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love this, I love annoying my sister! And we are in our late-twenties!

    1. Haha! We’re in our early 20s but I’m guessing we’d still be doing the same in our late 20s and even beyond! haha!

  2. […] it was also kind of hilarious that even my own sister, the main star of How To Annoy Your Sister read the story while she was at a school camp and she didn’t even know it was my blog […]

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