14 Bizarre Things in We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus

So we all know… Miley Cyrus’s latest video, We Can’t Stop is pretty fucking bizarre. We’ve got people dancing with giant teddy bears strapped to their backs, french fry skulls that later get smashed, and Miley Cyrus twerking and smacking people’s arses, including her own. It’s completely what-the-fuck.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the song. It’s super catchy and the lyrics aren’t half bad (judging by the standards of songs that come on the radio these days). But let’s just say the video goes beyond artsy and into Lady Gaga’s level of RANDOM THINGS RANDOM THINGS WOOHOO MAGIC!

So here are 14 bizarre things on the video that made me lol in my head so hard I think my brain’s hemorrhaging from the impact against my skull.

By the way, if you were hoping for an artsy sort of interpretation from the video, I found this article.

This is my favourite bit:

When asked about the critics who have called the clip racy, Miley replied,”They haven’t been to a good party in a minute. I was excited when the song came out but I really wanted the music video to come out because it shows exactly where I was in my life when we started working on ‘We Can’t Stop.’ “

1. Miley Cyrus putting on grills.

Miley putting on grills

We now know that Miley Cyrus is a fan of hip hop culture. MAYBE THAT EXPLAINS THE TWERKING.

2. Some dude eating a money sandwich

money sandwich miley cyrus we can't stop video

“Money! Bread! Omnomnomnomnomnomnomnom”

3. Weird lollipop eating girl who painted her lipstick on wrong.

Lollipop lips miley cyrus we can't stop video

“Is this my mouth? I can’t tell, my lipstick’s all wonky”

4. Dude with two tongues

Double tongues miley cyrus we can't stop video

I don’t have a funny caption here, this shit is just motherfucking creepy.

5. Bubblegum pink gunk spilling out of fingers that are being mock-sliced off with a very very sharp looking knife.

Finger slicing miley cyrus we can't stop video

Pink bleeding finger slicing miley cyrus we can't stop video

“Whoa I’m totally tripping on having my fingers cut off man. Look at all this pink gunk-like blood!”

6. Dancing Teddy Bears

Dancing teddy bears Miley Cyrus we can't stop video

I actually don’t really find this very bizarre but I felt like it was a required addition to this post because it’s one of the more memorable ones. I think. Lol.

7. Freaky magic mirror white face freak thingy

Magic mirror Miley Cyrus We can't stop video

“It’s our party we can love who we want.
We can kiss who we want.
We can see who we want.”

Okay I’m not sure WHY this guy freaks me out so much. But it seriously fucking does. He reminds me a bit of the magic mirror in Shrek except like 500 million billion gazillion times more fucking freaky. Like he’ll pop out of your screen and eat your fucking face while you scream, after which he’ll just be like “It’s our party we can eat who we want.” in that freaky as fuck voice.

8. Miley Cyrus Twerking

Miley Twerking We can't stop videoMiley Twerking We can't stop video

No. Just… No.

shake head no

9. Miley Cyrus smacking herself in the ass while working out on a stationary bicycle.

Miley Cyrus Smacking Her Ass Stationary Bicycle

I don’t even.

10. Miley Cyrus making out with a doll of herself.

MIley making out with doll of herself

No caption necessary.

11. Smoke gusting out of people’s crotches.

Crotch smoking male Crotch smoking female

Sorry, Katy Perry still wins with her fireworks/whipped cream spouting breasts.

12. Some guy sucking his thumb on a skimpily clad girl.

Thumb sucking Miley Cyrus We Can't Stop video

Dude, why are you sucking your thumb? There’re a whole lot of other things 10cm from your face to suck on. #justsaying.

13. Some guy rubbing his face with bread and eating it.

I love bread miley cyrus we can't stop video

“Man I love bread. If only I had some cash to go with it…”

14. Miley Cyrus getting her head stepped on.

This was the only one that I took the trouble of converting into a gif.

Drum roll please. It’s worth the wait.

… That was a good waste of my Sunday night.

In fact, I was so bored I actually counted how many times Miley Cyrus stuck out her tongue in the video. I got up to 10. But it felt like so much more…

Miley's tongue 3 Miley's tongue 4 Miley's tongue 10 Miley's tongue 1Miley's tongue 9aMiley's tongue 2 Miley's tongue 5 Miley's tongue 6 Miley's tongue 7



Did you also know that her tongue is actually a clam?



Courtesy of Buzzfeed.


Please enjoy the video:


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Favorite out of this list would definitely have to be where she gets her head stepped on. Loved watching that over and over for some odd reason. Haha.

  2. oh wow, that’s new… I do feel that the circle of deer with sunglasses or weird fur/deer coat should get a mention also haha!
    She’s sure not scared of showing a little skin either hey!

  3. Should we say , Miley Clammy?

    1. LOL that’s a good one.

  4. Oh my god the clam moves!

    But seriously, this vid is super creepy. But you’re watching and there’s not really a POINT to all that creepiness…

    1. Yeah.. haha. except to get us talking, which totally worked! She’s a smart girl that Miley. Creepy weird. But smart. Heh.

      1. Hehe, amen to that!

  5. The clam gif. THAT creeped me out the most here.*Shudder*

    1. HAHA. If you watch long enough, Miley’s tongue gif and the clam gif goes in sync. Then it gets REALLY creepy. lololol.

  6. […] Like I’ve said before, Miley’s craziness aside, I actually really like the song We Can’t Stop very much. But this version is such a great breath of fresh air. Like you would never think a risque song like this could be turned into such a classy sounding tune but there you have. […]

  7. […] 14 Bizarre Things in We Can’t Stop By Miley Cyrus […]

  8. you missed out the part when she was lying down on the guy’s chest and kissing his nipples.

    1. I completely missed that! I didn’t even see it LOL.

  9. Bazaar in deed. Maybe she is at the bong again. Here is the video from that incident. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd76imsbVlc

  10. She has changed so much…

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