Back From the UK

Things I did when touring the UK Pie Chart meme

Things Asians Do When Touring UK Pie Chart meme

Hello everyone! I’ve just gotten back from my trip to the UK and it was super fun! I think my family made it like super funny – I’ve got a whole list of mental quotes I’m dying to talk about but I can’t because, well, they kind of rate 100 on the Inappropriate Scale of 1-10. LOL

But the trip itself was amazing. We spent two days in London: the first on a city tour of the usual works, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, a ride on the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Thames River etc; and the second shopping on Oxford Street and touring a museum – I believe it was the V&A.

Apparently it’s summer over there. But the temperature was like 14C. LUCKILY we checked before heading over, else we’d have gone with like sun dresses and shorts because we, being Singaporeans, think that Summer is all like

california gurls summer gif

that is bullshit 500 days of summer gif

14 degrees is like freaking antartica for me LOL. But it’s okay! We were okay! The heatwave hit the day before we left though.. so that was kind of unlucky for us. But oh well.

We headed north after London, visiting Bath, Stone Henge, Cambridge, followed by Lake District, Edinburgh and York. None of which were at all disappointing. Each area was just so beautiful and full of history which blew my whole family away because you don’t get that in Singapore! Okay you do, but not as much.

And they were all (apart from London) so blissfully spacious! No squeezing with people on the streets or having sticky arms brush against mine *shudders*. Super awesome.

I don’t have many pictures, obviously, because I never really do take a lot of photos. I have maybe like 12 photos in my phone and that’s only because Tim begged me to take photos for him LOL.

It’s strange but I just believe in being in the moment rather than looking through your camera lens all the time and worrying about whether your photos are going to turn out nice. I mean, some photos for memories sake are good and all but I just don’t think we should overdo the whole phototaking thing. But that’s just me.

Oh not to mention that I suck at taking photos. They always turn out too dark for some reason.

But here they are anyway!

Westminster Abbey London

Westminster Abbey London

London Bridge

London Bridge is falling down… I’m not even sure if this really is THE London Bridge. I think it is.

Holiday Inn London View

View from my hotel in London. Can you believe this is at 10pm? Insane!

Stone Henge

Stone Henge Bitches!

Mum and dad at Lake District

Mum and dad at Lake District

Ducks at Lake District

Quack Quack at Lake District

Sheep at Lake District

Mehhh Mehhhh at Lake District – and everywhere else in the UK.


Nice building in Edinburgh (I think)

This is helpful..

This is helpful..

Lol products in Edinburgh

Lol-worthy products in Edinburgh

Bizarre shops in Edinburgh

Bizarre shops in Edinburgh


Beautiful street off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Wonderfully quirky shops here!

Okay that’s all I took up until Edinburgh! This is why I am never the official photographer for the family. I’m more concerned about funny stuff than I am about proper pictures LOL.

Here are the photos I took on the way back to London. We stopped by York :)

Scenic Route Edinburgh

Taking the Scenic Route back!

Castle under construction from the Medieval City Walls in York

Gothic Cathedral under construction from the historic City Wall

Beautiful Hotel by the City Wall in York

Beautiful Hotel by the City Wall in York

Time Traveler's Meeting at a pub in York

Time Traveler’s Meeting at a pub in York

Baby Owl

Baby Owl!!!

White Owl York


Owl York Holy Trinity Church

Yo, whatchu lookin’ at, fool?

That’s all!!

OOH I got a pic of me in my new shades that I got from Oxford Street though!


Yayy crappy front camera~

Okay that’s really it! Bye y’all!


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey, i love the photos from your visit to the UK! i’m from the Uk and there is some beautiful sights, but not in others;)

    Can’t wait to see more posts! please follow me and check out my blog aswell, i’d very much appreciate it!

    Megan xoxo

    1. Checked out and followed :)

      1. Thank you! Means alot <3

  2. […] When travelling, most of your time spent is in the car or tour bus or whatever because you’d want to maximise the amount of time spent in any country by going to see as many places as possible – which is exactly what happened when I was in the UK. […]

  3. It’s been 2 years since I went to London and these photos just made me miss the UK so much. I love my stay there and can’t wait to go back again. Thanks for sharing all these photos – seems like you guys managed to fit in so much during your stay!

    1. Yeah it was superbly rushed but we really wanted to see as much as we could in what little time we had heh.

  4. […] an FYI: this was an advertorial I did for Business Times two weeks ago, before I flew off to the UK. The promotion is exclusive for Business Times […]

  5. Hi Natalie – er, sorry to be anal but you got a few labels wrong on your photos.

    That is not Westminster Abbey (you can check on Google images) it’s too small and has no spires. Sorry don’t know where it is though.

    And that is not London Bridge … it is Tower Bridge (London Bridge is very plain and everyone makes that mistake).

    And I’m guessing the medieval castle under construction in York was a joke, right? For anyone interested it is York Minster (a very large church) undergoing it usual renovations as always.

    Nice one of Stonehenge though it looks like you have had our usual weather … I really must apologise for it … pity you didn’t make it this week – we’re melting!

    Oh and I must apologise for people staring at you … we are so rude sometimes.

    1. Hi Angela!

      Thanks for commenting. So sorry for the mistakes. I think I got the photos for the Westminster Abbey one mixed up – i feel so stupid now lol. But I’ve replaced it!

      And for the rest yeah, I know there’s this whole mix up with london bridge and tower bridge but it’s the bridge that everyone recognises as THE london bridge i just left it as that. and I’ve changed the caption for York Minster as well!

      Yeah we started melting just before flying off and we were cursing that the heat wave didn’t come just a bit earlier! But thankfully it only rained once in the week that we were there so that’s one good thing about the weather at least heh.

      1. I felt so guilty for pointing them out just after I’d hit the ‘send’ button that I’m really relieved you took it all in such good spirit, Natalie.
        And you’re so right about London/Tower Bridge …
        I just wish the original London Bridge had survived … it was crammed with shops and houses!
        Do hope you come for a return visit sometime … bless!

        1. Haha don’t worry about it! I’d be mad if someone came to my country and labelled our landmarks wrongly as well :) It’s good to have people point out our mistakes so we can learn from them.

          Yeah I’m hoping to return probably after graduation, then travel around some of Europe! Loved the UK superbly! :)

          Cheers, Nat

  6. Jamacian Ganja!!!!! hahaha :) niiice! Thanks for sharing this amazing post!

    1. Heh thanks for reading! :)

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