10 Impt Things This Week (Update + My Most Popular Post Yet)

1. Remember Rudolph, who was having a bit of a head tilt situation? Well, he seems to have perfectly recovered, so I’m superbly pleased about that – looks like he won’t be dying after all! Phew.


2. After what seems to be my longest semester ever, it finally ended with a week of studying and two gruelling exams that were filled with more smoke than the Singapore weather.

3. Went to Malacca last weekend which was beaauutifulll and amazing and fun which I may blog about if I don’t get too lazy.

4. Singaporeans nearly declared war on Indonesia. Just kidding.

that's not funny

5. I updated my other website, after a month of neglecting it. (Why do I have it in the first place?!)

6. Found out that Tim’s father is freaking hilarious. On the one box limit per name for N95 masks, he said: “You could put down ‘Batman’ or your dead family members’ names on the list for all they know. Imagine all the pontianaks flying around with masks on their faces.”

7. Got my own N95 mask, thanks to Tim, who got enough masks for my whole family even (thank you!)

8. Participated in my first act of cyber bullying (I am so sorry!) and indirectly ruined someone’s day (I am not sorry!)

9. Wrote my most popular post yet! My post on How to Make Jokes About the SG Haze got my blog an all-time high of 1232 views in a day and, as of now, has been read by 3303 people – and the numbers are still climbing! So thank you for thinking I am funny, or at least, the post was. And thanks to the people who shared it on twitter and facebook (I wish there was a way to know who shares our blog posts)! I did share the post on my own feeds but that only got me like 100 views or even less? The rest was really done through google search and other people’s facebook/twitter. Oh and of course, the people in the WordPress community who reblogged, commented and linked! Super appreciative, guys!

Blah blah blah

Okay I’m talking too much about it and it has become a bit of a humble brag (ack!) so I shall stop now.

10. Here’s a gif of Rudolph cleaning his face.




  1. Hi natalie. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Pop over to my blog at http://angelajardine.com/2013/07/04/liebster-award/ to see details.

    1. Brilliant! Thank you, I’m super honoured! I’ll post up answers to your questions soon as I get the time :)


      1. I’ll look forward to learning more about you when you do … natalie … no hurry! :)

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