Can the SG Haze affect our pets?

I have a pet dog at home that lives outdoors and lately the whole haze issue has gotten me worried because I know how sensitive dog noses are.

So I did a little bit of research and found this chim piece of work here.

Turns out, that during an air pollution incident in Pennsylvania in the 40s, research found that dogs are most susceptible to illness as a result of air pollution!

Ginny weasley gasp gif

Fifteen per cent of 229 dogs fell ill and 10 dogs died as a result of the smog. But almost all the fatalities were puppies less than a year old, and the ill dogs mostly got better three to four days after the smog died down (phew!).

So that puts me at ease a little bit I guess. I just really hope the haze goes away soon. The PSI hit an all time high of 321 yesterday, and I’ve totally lost track of what it is right now. Even though I had a good laugh writing my previous two posts, I’m starting to think it isn’t very funny anymore. And I’m a bit scared to think about what’s going to happen when everyone else (read: irrational, brutal, social media-savvy singaporeans) starts to think so too.

shake head no

Anyway! Here are some symptoms to look out for in your canines:

1) Respiratory issues: Coughing, sneezing, conjunctival congestion, dyspnoea (shortness of breath) and nasal discharge

2) Digestive issues: Emesis (vomiting), retching, diarrhoea

3) Anorexia, with or without lassitude (lack of energy). Source

Try to keep dogs with chronic bronchitis and cats with airways inflammatory disease indoors as well – and make sure your pets don’t exert themselves too much outdoors even if they’re healthy! Source

Here’s some additional reading for info on other pets. Don’t worry, it’s not wordy and chim like the other two LOL.

Let’s hope the haze goes away soon! :(

"Please go away haze! I don't want another trip to the vet!"

“Please go away haze! I don’t want another trip to the vet!”


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