Life and Pets Update – Nothing To See Here, Move Along


( Things have been really hectic for me lately. As I had mentioned before, things are really picking up pace at school, and I was doing a lot of freelance work. But since assignment deadlines are rolling around, I’m going to let work take a backseat for a while so I can concentrate on school.

Some random things happened here and there that I almost wanted to write about and actually wrote about, but I didn’t click publish because it was kind of bitchy, and I feel like I don’t want to be bitchy on the internet… Or at least, not on my blog lol.

But yeah. Some of the more prominent events over the past few weeks have a lot to do with my pets for some reason… And I’m very very attached to my pets, so whatever happens to them really affects me.

For one, over the Vesak Day holiday, my parents invited some of their old friends over who are really close to us, like they watched my sisters and me grow up so we’ve literally known them all our lives.

But one of them is, shall we say, overly fond of my dog. And he really enjoys feeding her everything off the dining table – including durian. Which is fine, because it’s not particularly toxic to dogs.

This time, though, he kind of took it a bit too far and gave her a delicious ball of Ferrero Rocher, and I got really really mad (though I didn’t show it) because, well, dogs are kind of sensitive to chocolates and may, erm, DIE from eating it.

So that kind of sucked, but I couldn’t freak out because all the guests were there and they were my elders and all so we just had to let it slide. I think my face got all red like it usually does when I get emotional but, like I said, there was nothing I could do about it so..

Yeah, Molly is fine though. Which I’m super relieved about. I think it helps that Ferreros are made of milk chocolate, which has low amounts of theobromine – the chemical in cocoa that is toxic to dogs. Plus my dog is relatively large, and is a tough little bitch. So yay!

Molly Cocoa Beans

Then a few days earlier, I sent my bunny, Rudolph to a groomer because he’s a twitchy little fella’ who SHUNS me everytime I groom him so I usually just leave him be.

But his nails were getting ridiculously long and he was going through a moult, so I decided it was time to send him to a groomer.

I found one living in Tampines, which is incredibly near to my home, and I happened to have a lot of errands to run in Tampines so it was really perfect.

(The groomer’s name is Clarris; here’s her facebook page:

Then I found out that Rudolph has mites and a slight head tilt. WHICH COMPLETELY THREW ME OFF.

Because 1. He basically lives indoors 24/7 so it’s impossible for mites to have gotten to him from like the grass or whatever (Apparently they can get mites from the hay we feed them. WTH IS NOTHING SAFE ANYMORE?)

And 2. Head tilts are FUCKED UP. My old polymates and I had a dwarf bunny during our immersion trip in Wuhan, China who DIED of a head tilt. So I was severely bummed about that.

It’s honestly really really slight. Like you wouldn’t notice it until someone pointed it out. But knowing that my current bunny has a problem that my previous bunny died of is seriously not cool.

I was so sad I actually cried last night thinking about it. Which is kind of lame because I don’t really think his life is in danger yet.

And I actually feel really guilty because I’ve been neglecting my bunny a lot lately. Long story short, my parents realised that they’re allergic to his fur – and he moults a lot. So we moved him to our third floor which is not very well frequented. And even though I try as hard as possible to go upstairs purposely to spend a few hours with him each day, sometimes, it’s just not possible because of how busy I am. So yeah I just feel really bad about that :(

But anyway, the groomer de-mited him, and I decided to move him down to my room to save myself the trouble of like sanitising the entire third floor, and so I could keep a better eye on him.

And as usual, he shunned me for a day because he hates getting groomed. But today he’s so much better, like running around, chomping on hay like no tomorrow and following me a bit here and there.

His living space has halved though, because my room doesn’t have that much space. But he does seem pretty content so that’s good.

I just hope his head tilt goes away, else I’ll have to send him to a vet which he’ll hate (since he hates being handled) and I’ll hate (because it’ll cost me a bomb).

But he seems happy for now, so we’ll see how it goes.

Rudolph Bunny

On a bright note though, Tim and I brought his pet shih tzu out for a picnic about two weeks ago, which was really fun.

We went down to Cluny Park, which holds some really awesome memories for us ^^ So yeah it was just an amazing afternoon :)

Tim spent most of it fussing over the dog though. LOL. But oh well! It was fun nonetheless hehe.

Bella Shih Tzu 1
Bella Shih Tzu 2
Bella Shih Tzu 3
Bella Shih Tzu 4
Bella Shih Tzu 5

Yeah, Bella gets more photos because she’s a rare occurrence on this blog. And she’s admittedly more photogenic than my adorable mutt.

Wow, I just realised how pet-oriented this post turned out LOL. But hey, I love my pets! And Tim’s!

I’m also actually very broke this month as well. I’m really dreading my credit card bill – but who wants to hear about that! Pft.

Have a great weekend, y’all! Heh.


  1. Get out that shih tzu is toooo cute!! I’m a sucker for animals, I love me some animals!!!!!! What’s a head tilt????

  2. Yeah. We could get pages and pages put of pet stories! I enjoy your writing.

    1. Thank you kindly :)

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