It is possible to “write too much”

I really wasn’t kidding when I said my freelance writing has really picked up its pace.

Last week, my colleague gave me a cover story to write, on top of a preview story I already had planned; three days later I had a 2000-word essay due for school, and then this week I wrote about three and a half stories (shared byline).

I’ve written so much that the idea of gathering my thoughts yet again to churn out another few hundred words for this blog is kind of nauseating. Let’s add that to the list of Freelancer Woes.

But in the spirit of keeping this blog updated so it doesn’t become sad and stagnant, here’s a recording of me playing the piano rather lazily. LOL



  1. When I listened to your rendition of Chopin, I pictured an intoxicated goose slowly staggering down a walkway. It reminded me of a bit from Merry Melodies.

    1. Thank you? It’s possible that I was drunk at the time. So that might explain it.

      1. It’s all in good humor. When a piece is said to be played “lazily,” I don’t anticipate too much seriousness.

  2. Be glad you have something to write about. I write too little. :)

    1. Haha! I know, I’m very grateful. I just never thought it’d be possible to get sick of writing before. lol

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