Things on the internet that make me happy

So this week has been really stressful for me because I’m right in the thick of a semester and stepping up the amount of articles I’m doing at the same time. And every topic I could think of to blog about was just really negative or whiny and complainy which I really hate to be.

So instead, I decided to think about what makes me happy. And more specifically, what on the internet makes me happy so that you can enjoy it too.

Here we go.

1. The Best. Gif. Ever.

best gif ever pedestrian vs tram

Needs no explanation.

Courtesy of Gifbin

2. 19 People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

I have gone through this list, maybe 5 times in my life over the past year. And every time I go through it, I laugh like fuck.

These are some of my favourites.

Why people need to switch off the treadmill when it’s not in use.
Especially when you’re going to be crumpin’ around it.

Treadmill Gif

The funniest boat accident ever.

Boat accident funny gif

By the way did anyone see the Harlem Shake version for this? LOL

Moving on…

The perfect ad for the importance of anger management.

man kicking signboard gif

The best attempt at the cinnamon challenge. Ever.

Cinnamon challenge gif

You can check out the entire list on Buzzfeed!

3. The Oatmeal

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of The Oatmeal.

It’s one thing to be adept at programming, web design and the works, but it’s another to be so darn witty in every one of your comics. But that’s precisely what The Oatmeal is. Plus! He’s really honest in what he does.

He doesn’t just try to be funny for the sake of it. He writes about things that really mean something to him, like the ones about his dog and how you should brush your teeth when your house is burning down. And he knows he has some power on the web, which he uses for good, like in the Tesla and Dinosaur comics.

And yeah, he makes me laugh like fuck.

These are some of my favourites (Click on the images to view the entire comics):

My Dog: the paradox

Oatmeal Dog Paradox

What Would Don Draper Do

Oatmeal Don Draper

Why I believe printers were sent from hell to make us miserable

Oatmeal Printer

4. Jenna Marbles

How many of us have spent hours on youtube without even realising it? Pretty much everyone between the age of 12 to 25, I’m guessing.

I’m no different. But the thing is, not many “youtube stars” can get me hooked because most of the time I don’t relate, I don’t find them funny or I think they’re just trying too hard.

But Jenna Marbles is one that I’ve really really fallen in love with and look up to. And she actually really does brighten my day.

She’s just another person among the near 7 billion people on this planet. But at the same time, there’s something just so endearing about her.

I think maybe I just appreciate that she doesn’t try too hard and she doesn’t give much of a fuck. Which is a nice trait to have in this world I think.

She posts videos every Wednesday, which she dubs as Sexual Wednesdays and they always consist of her making funny lists like What a girl’s makeup means, her dogs, or her being drunk as fuck.

But if you really want to see why I love her so much. This is the video you should watch:

5. Looking up my “friendship” with Tim on Facebook.

So yeah, Tim is my boyfriend, and we got together like a year and… 8 months or so ago. But we had been friends for like years before that.

We had a pretty weird relationship before dating actually. Like we were more than just your regular hi-bye friends. Y’know, we’d spend some quality time together and would be perfectly comfortable hanging out together just the two of us. But at the same time you wouldn’t say we were close friends, telling each other our secrets or whatever. You know what I mean? But then again we’re pretty weird people so I guess that kind of fits.

So anyway, we used to write on each other’s Facebook walls a lot, back when they were still called walls and not the pretentiously named “timeline” and.. yeah. We had some pretty fucking weird and funny things to say to each other that now, on hindsight, really makes me laugh.

This was in 2009:

FB 2009b

FB 2009a

Yeah he changed his name to Timothy Strawberrymoonshine on Facebook at one point and I changed mine to Rage Koh or something like that which was pretty fucking funny.

By the way, for those who have been living under a rock and have never use Facebook before, you’re meant to read these from bottom up.

These are from 2010:

FB 2010a FB 2010c fb 2010b

And then this was the last FB interaction we had, 5 months before we had our first date.

From 2011:

FB 2011

Funny how things change – for the better, that is. heh.

Well I hope you enjoyed that! Have a good weekend everyone!



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  2. Thanks for following my blog Natalie! Anyone who blogs Community GIFs makes me happy, so I’m looking forward to exploring what else you’ve got posted here.

    1. Haha! I LOVE COMMUNITY. It’s almost an obsession which is pretty scary. But what they hey. haha!

      1. Lol! Not scary at all. There’s a whole bunch of us out there, as you can see:

  3. Hey Natalie,
    Thanks for stopping by and liking our blog post. There really are so many funny things to love on the internet (Including your blog!) and I love that Jenna Marbles video. So sweet!

    1. That’s very kind of you to say! Heh I really enjoy your blog as well :) Keep writing!

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