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Work Sucks Go Surfing

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Getting back to work after two weeks… Is kind of sort of painful lol.

Okay I know I’m just a freelance writer so I don’t work nearly as much as full-time working professionals (which I am very grateful for), but it’s still work and it does suck up quite a bit of time and brain power from me.

So anyway, two weeks ago, I spent five days in Indonesia, so I didn’t work that week. Then I came back and didn’t get assigned or pitch any stories (because I was lazy shhh), so that was another week gone.

Then this week I had two stories due tonight, of which the interviews were held last night and this morning. So I literally was working from like 5pm last night till 8pm tonight, with only 3 hours of sleep between. Plus I had class at 7pm today so I was like typing furiously between glances up at the teacher to pretend like I was taking notes. But I’m pretty sure she wasn’t fooled HAHA.

But y’know, it’s really instances like this that make me really realise that I could probably never ever get a regular 9-6 job. I tried that for 6 months, and though the job itself wasn’t horrifying, the waking up at 8am every morning was enough to get me downright depressed.

And I’m not sure what options there are out there for people like me who just suck at waking up early, so I’ve thought of a few options that might work. For me, specifically, that is. I’m not sure if these would for anyone else…

Katy Perry in Singapore

1. My first choice would naturally be my old job as a lifestyle journalist. Mainly because I had the coolest boss, who is still sort of my boss now, and she wasn’t too fussy about us being punctual as long as we delivered work that was up to her standard (and I got to meet Katy Perry!) Sure, sometimes you have to work late nights and all, but you get to go in a little later the mornings after so all things considered, that was pretty okay.

RIchard Branson quote

2. I hear entrepreneurship is a pretty good deal. Probably because you’re own boss and you make your own rules. But I think that the appeal of being an entrepreneur is that you’ll probably be super passionate about your business such that it wouldn’t be a chore to get up in the mornings to work at it. And I think that’s what appeals to me the most.

The only problem is that, well, I don’t exactly have the funds or the ideas (or at least one that I’m super passionate about) to start something up. So until then… :(

Mark Zuckerberg Entrepreneur

3. Internet business. Having your own internet business and knowing how to make money of it is seriously the dream job. You just need to stay at home, run the business from your bed if you like, and money pours into your bank account. Or at least, that’s what I think happens for popular bloggers and websites lol.

See that’s a talent that I would really like to have – knowing how to make money online. So if I one day decide to make a living out of this, I’ll probably have to commit a lot of time to doing research on making money through the internet. But as I mentioned in my previous post, I simply don’t have enough ideas to keep pushing out content to maintain a level of popularity and readers.

I think that’s because my blog is so generic though. If I ran, say, a beauty blog or a blog about films, it’d be much easier to think of ways to reach out to readers because you know your target market. Whereas running a generic blog won’t exactly draw in a specific group of people, so it’s next to impossible to appeal to readers whom you can’t profile.

Cool bartender

4. Night life. BARTENDER. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be a bartender. But I’m probably too weak right now (read: pathetic alcohol tolerance). And I’m sure my dad would love me working at a bar. My boyfriend too. LOL.


5. Flight Attendants – I think every little Singaporean girl’s dream at one point or another was to be an SIA Stewardess. You get a good allowance, you get to travel around the world, and you get to look like motherfrikkin goddess at work. Plus it’s definitely not a 9-6 job. Your sleeping patterns would probably not exist because of your hectic schedules but you would probably have the time of your life and, wait, why did I not try out for a position again? Oh right. Moving on..

That’s about all I can think of right now. I’ve still got a year left of school so I’m pretty comfortable with what I’m doing right now. But it’s nice to think about my options after graduation.

Then again, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the past year is that sometimes, trying to plan and control everything just doesn’t cut it. Plans backfire, and things can go haywire. Sometimes it’s good enough to just lean back, relax, and go where life takes you.

So let’s see where life takes me.



  1. Number one reason why I don’t want to graduate… yet. HAHAHA.

  2. Like how to take the easy way through life right? HAHAHAH. Got any ideas yet? share leh. hahahaha.

  3. Naaaaaat i think about this all the time too, haha.

  4. Heh yup. With no worries about hits or readership or whatever. That’d be the dream.

  5. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all get paid to blog or write or whatever we fancy!?

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