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Last month, I impulsively did something kind of retarded. I bought a domain name, without knowing what to do with it.

Yeah I bought nataliekoh.com without knowing why I would need a website with my own name. LOL

So after like a month of feeling stupid, I decided to actually do something with it. And it’s an idea I’ve sort of played with for a while now, but never got around to doing it.

I decided to put up my published works on the site.

And then I realised, okay having just one page with my portfolio is kind of retarded. I’ve got this amount of space, why not do something with it?

That’s when I decided it’s not just going to be a one page site where I only need to work on it for a day and forget about it. I’m going to be updating the site with my latest articles, and behind-the-scenes stories.

One common problem with writing for a newspaper is that most of the time, your newsmaker gives you a whole lot of information, and you can only squeeze in, say, 30% of it in. Especially when it comes to new businesses or restaurants. A lot of thought has gone into the business, so the owners often have a lot to say – a lot of which can be interesting. But you’ve only got a 40cm column space and you just can’t squeeze all that information in.

So that’s where my site comes in handy. I get to put in some information that I didn’t get to put into the story, and at the same time, update people on the sort of work I’m doing so the site is never stagnant.

There are some stories that don’t make it to the paper either – not many, but they do exist. So I can write about those on the site as well.

It’s pretty much like a “professional blog” if there is such a term. And it’d be a good way for people who are wary (“Freelance writer? Sounds like she’s trying to mooch a free meal from us!”) to see that I really do have ties to The Business Times and maybe for people who want their new lifestyle ventures featured in the paper to reach me too.

The website is still in the works right now, and I don’t have many entries up. So right now it’s in a bit of a soft launch I guess? Hopefully I can launch it properly at the end of this month, which means putting it on my Facebook, Twitter and letting people know that it, y’know, exists.

I think publicising my blogs/sites is something that I really need to get more comfortable with as well because I really hate to seem like I’m boasting or whatever. But I guess I’ll get there eventually. :/

So yeah. Have a look at it and feel free to let me know if you notice any bugs, or if you just think it’s a crap idea, or whatever. Hehe.



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