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Excited Child

I’m working on something right now which I am super duper excited about!

It’s actually not as big a deal as the online magazine that I was once super hyped about that didn’t happen, but I’m just ridiculously happy about it right now and I can’t wait to show it to you guys!

I was originally planning to launch it next week, but I think I might be able to launch it tomorrow already. So that’s absolutely brilliant and I just can’t wait!

In other news, I’m meeting my mates for drinks tonight and I’m really excited for that as well. Not so much about the drinks but more about meeting them and hanging out. Heh. Simply joys.

Happy happy good mood hyper shaky hands – wait. I think these are signs of nicotine withdrawal. Which means I’m going to be grumpy soon. Darned mood swings. Oh well! Gonna enjoy my good mood while it lasts! Have a great day y’all!



  1. That picture is so cute.

    1. Lol I just googled “excited child” and it came up LOL

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