First time flying solo

First up. Yes – that is a real pic I took with my iphone 4S. Hehe!

So yeah I took my first media trip 5 days ago to Sumba Island. And I was crazy nervous, but it turned out to be a pretty awesome, cultural, rugged sort of holiday. I was the youngest there (what’s new), and horribly outnumbered (it sucks being minority) but I survived! Malaria-free and healthy.

I’m not going to write about it very much because I’m going to be writing about it for The Business Times Singapore, so I’m just gonna post some pictures :)

On the first day there were some turtle eggs that hatched and we got to release them into the sea. I thought that would’ve been the highlight of the trip. But boy was I wrong. We visited like villages, battled through a river on stand up paddle boards fighting through throngs of naked boys trying to jump on for a ride, walked on rocks and bamboo bridges to reach a stunning waterfall, TRIED SURFING, went deep sea fishing… It was amazing.

But I’m really just scraping the surface here. There was so much more to Sumba Island. But well, read more about it in BT! In the meantime, here’re the photos!

Airplane Wing View

Sea view at Nihiwatu Sumba Island

Baby Turtles

Releasing baby turtles Sumba Island Nihiwatu

Releasing baby turtles Sumba Island Nihiwatu

Surf at Nihiwatu Sumba Island

Sumbanese children playing with water buffaloes

Sumbanese children playing with water buffaloes


Sumbanese Village

Sumbanese Village

Sumbanese school children

Sumbanese village girls

Sumba totem

Sumbanese boy carrying baby girl

Monkey skull

Mountains and Village on Sumba Island

Inside a Sumbanese house

Inside a Sumbanese house

Wild dog at a Sumbanese Village

Waterfall on Sumba Island


Sunset on Sumba Island





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  3. Haha! I’m so lazy I haven’t got round to writing it yet :( But i’ll let you know when it’s out hehe!

  4. Travel writing! Lemme read your article when its out ;) So fun.

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