Why I hate Thought Catalog


[Continued from image] They tell you it’s okay to hook up at bars after a break up, they tell you that having sex with your friend’s boyfriend is just “bad” (yes, in inverted commas, as if to say, “it’s not really bad, hun, it’s normal!”), and they imply that it’s perfectly understandable for you to cheat on your boyfriend because he’s overprotective of you.

No. There is never an excuse to cheat.

I get that their tagline is “All thinking is relevant” so there are no wrong opinions, or wrong posts or whatever. Everyone gets to express themselves. I get it.

But then, they turn right around and go all preachy on us telling us what 20-somethings need to do. They literally have an e-book on How To Be A 20-Something.

No, I don’t need to get drunk, have one-night stands, go to bars, restaurants, movies alone, and no I do not need to travel to be a 20-something. I was born somewhere between 1984 and 1993. That’s how I am a 20-something. DOH.

But the travelling thing is something that really really really riles me up.

You don’t need to travel. You want to travel. Yes, being very well-travelled has its benefits. But that doesn’t mean you need to travel. Does not travelling make you a worse person? Does it make you a rapist, killer, bank robber? No it does not. You do not need to travel. You want it.

You know what being well-travelled could make you? An overbearing, preachy tart who thinks you’re better than everyone else who made the choice of staying in their home countries, working so their parents can retire early, and saving up money for their homes or for their future kids to go to college.

Good for you if you love to travel. Good for you if you encourage people to. But please stop fucking saying we need to travel. It just makes feel like I need to shove a pipe up your ass.

Of course, Thought Catalog isn’t all bad. There are stories like those about the stripper, the girl who was molested on the bus, and that girl who was raped, that just might be worth a read. But let’s face it, a majority of their stories are telling us 20-somethings how to live our lives. And they don’t put it in a humble, “suggestion” sort of way. They put it in a “bow down to me and listen to my voice from up here in my high horse because I am living my 20-something life better than you.”


But possibly the most infuriating thing about Thought Catalog is that I can’t seem to stop reading.

Which makes me realise, that I just might be one of those vapid people looking for excuses to make me feel better about my bad decisions.

And that is so fucked up.

If this was a Thought Catalog post, I would tell you, “It’s okay. It’s okay to be fucked up. It’s okay make excuses for your bad decisions.”

But this is not a Thought Catalog post. And so I end this post by saying, it is not okay to make excuses for your bad decisions. Make your mistakes, make as many mistakes as you bloody want. But don’t make excuses for them. Don’t try to run away from the fact that you freaking cheated on a guy who phoned you too much during your long-distance relationship, or that you had sex with three different men three nights in a row. Yes, you’re still human. But you are also a slut.

Make your mistakes. But learn to face up to them. And try not to make them again. Because that just throws the whole “learning from your mistakes” theory right out the window.


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