The secret to youth?

So I’ve been rather down lately. Everything that can wrong will go wrong, they say. And I’m starting to believe it’s true.

For instance, after my mac broke down, my job took a bad turn, my schoolwork suffered, my vague-thing-that-I-was-rambling-about happened, I thought things were getting better. Like things could only go up from there right?

THEN MY TOOTH CHIPPED. From like nothing. I guess that means my teeth are rotting like a withered old lady’s and I am going to be a sad toothless old auntie soon. It’s so retarded because when it chipped, I thought it was just like food stuck in my teeth falling out and so I was like, hey it’s nothing. Then I realised what the fuck it was and looked in the mirror. And I swear I just froze there for 30 seconds GENUINELY THINKING I WAS DREAMING AND HOPING I WOULD WAKE UP.

But obviously I wasn’t dreaming. Unless I’m still dreaming right now. Which would be quite funny. And amazing. And freaky. Ok shit it would be really really freaky. Speaking of which, I really do have trouble recognising dreams from reality sometimes. Mostly because I have very mundane dreams and a bizarre reality. So the line is really blurred. Weird.

BUT ANYWAY. So my tooth chipped and I was really really sad about it. I really thought that I was getting old or some shit. Turning 23 is depressing y’all.

Then I took a short cab ride back from the train station to my place, and had this really old taxi driver. And he was real quiet at first. Then suddenly he asks me in mandarin, “What’s the secret to keeping young forever?” In mandarin it’s actually more like: “What medicine makes you never grow old”

So I just said I didn’t know. And he laughs and says: “Is there such a medicine?”

And I’m like: “No, there’s no such thing.”

Then he goes: “Laughter. Happiness is the key to youth.”

And, I know this is not like brand new information. We’ve all heard it some time or other in our lives. But it’s so easy to forget it. It’s so easy to hear it and go on with life forgetting that happiness is so important.

I realised that it didn’t matter if my teeth were chipping, hair dropping, nails breaking or whatever. Age is just a state of mind. And if this 60-year-old uncle can be so joyful driving his beat up old taxi (Omg this taxi was so old I swear he’s been driving it since 1990) then so should I. What good has sadness ever brought anyone? It’s all in your mind.

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