If I could shoot Vday in the face

I would.

There was a time when people would moan silently, “Oh god jesus please make it stop. Stop all this lovey-dovey bullshit which only seems to amplify how sad, single and alone I am. MAKE IT STAAAHHHP.”

Then we went through a time when we realised that love isn’t restricted to romantic love. That Valentine’s Day could be about the love between friends, and between family members. Which is a beautiful thing and we should have kept it at that point.

But no. We had to take it further. Because being content wasn’t enough for us humans, of course. We reached a time of forever alone memes and a world of social media where people decided that it’s not just okay to be single, but it’s also something that you should SHOUT OUT AS LOUD AND HATEFULLY AS POSSIBLE ALL OVER FACEBOOK ESPECIALLY ON THE DAY OF LOVE.

I honestly don’t care if people are single or not – as long as they are happy. But making unfunny quips about Valentine’s Day doesn’t make you seem brave and strong about being alone on a day of love. It just makes you look very very sad.

And the saddest thing of all, is that people who have lovers, friends or family to celebrate with feel the need to dial down their happiness just so their friends wouldn’t feel so bad.

I remember a time in Secondary School when I would feel so jealous when girls had their partners pick them up from school with flowers in hand. But we had an awesome culture where everyone bought little gifts for their closest friends to show their love for each other. We would poke fun at the girls who were attached and giggle at their partners’ photos. And our envy was drowned out by that strong sense of love that engulfed the school on Valentine’s Day.

And once again, it wasn’t just romantic love that swept across the campus. It was just, y’know, love.

In their misery, people forget that their misery can bring others down with them. And they forget what Valentine’s Day really is all about. Yes, it might be a corporate holiday, a lot of corporations earn a lot of money from this, yadda yadda. WHO CARES? It’s a day of love. And for those who aren’t used to showing and receiving love on a daily basis (which is most of those single people who are trashing Vday on FB right now), THIS IS THE DAY FOR YOU.

So instead of moping at home, call out some of your friends and spend the day out with them – people who love you.

But if you’re insistent on hating everything and everyone. Please knock yourself out with booze and porn so the rest of us can enjoy it. :)

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!

Pic source: http://www.hitrecord.org/records/431364


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