I don’t get viral… anythings…

You see, this is probably why I could never do marketing. ESPECIALLY social media marketing – which funnily enough, is part of my jobscope (Yes! I’ve started my new job! But more on that.. in a few days heh).

For instance, the thing that is REALLY hot right now is this:

And I couldn’t even be fucked enough to click play. It was just one of the things that I scrolled past on my facebook timeline.

It’s like the Old Spice advertisement. I DON’T GET IT. Why is it so awesome? It’s weird, I guess. Which is, well, mildly interesting at best. But like WHY? Maybe everyone was rewatching over and over again like me to figure out what was so awesome about it, which really pumped up the number of views. But then again, it had to have the reputation of awesome before that could happen. Maybe it was just REALLY GOOD PR. Good PR for an advertisement. Whoa. That’d be cool. I’m babbling.

I’m starting to think that I’m really really strange. I’d like to think that life was as Mitchell from Modern Family said:

“For years and years everybody’s desperately afraid of being different. And then suddenly, almost over night, everyone wants to be different. And that’s where we win.”
– Mitchell Pritchett (Jasse Tyler Ferguson), Modern Family.

But is it really? Sometimes I think that everyone’s a little bit strange. Like at work, everyone’s cordial and professional and they seem like they’ve got all their shit together. But look at them outside at the bar or online, and some of them are like complete maniacs!

Then I wonder if it’s because I see everyone as such unique individuals, I find it hard to peg down what people as a collective want to see and hear. I have no idea what to say and how to say things that could attract people. Which, as you can imagine, is a serious problem seeing that I want to write for a living.

So what’s a girl to do, pray tell.

The thing is that, logically, I should think about what attracts me, to figure out what attracts others in my demographic. But that is the whole problem innit? Things that go viral, don’t appeal to me. So whatever I find cool, would just seem wonky to anyone else.

For instance, some shit I have on my facebook is:

1) News about a parrot stealing $1000 from a tourist. Along with some wisecrack about how nest rentals must be on the rise.

2) A deal on Groupon Malaysia for  a Unicorn ride. HAHA That was pretty darn funny.

3) Pokemon-themed loveletter. HOW DOES THAT NOT APPEAL TO PEOPLE? I would repost that like a million times if I could. But I would look like a freak. So bleargh.

Let’s not even talk about my twitter, which, apart from my username (a stroke of genius, if I may say so myself *coughcough*), is really boring.

I wonder if they teach how to get into the minds of social media users in psychology.. Hmm. Damn, chose the wrong uni course.

I shall make myself feel better by thinking that the cause of this cluelessness is that I am a unique butterfly and do not conform to the norm.

Now, excuse me, while I preen my delicate wings.


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