It has been a completely insane week. I have been working every day since last Wednesday – which is insane for someone who isn’t working full-time.

See it’s weeks like this that make me angry whenever people scoff when I say I’m a freelance writer. It’s work too!! Ok lah slightly less work, and at flexible hours, but it’s still work!!

Usually I would be able to handle all this without freaking out much. But there’s the whole amazing job vs studying in perth for a sem that’s really nagging at me.

It just sucks that when I finally got my parents to agree to letting me go to Perth, this opportunity comes up. It’s like you’ve waited your whole life for something, and then something else comes along that’s better, but different. It just throws you off.

And I think I had gotten so attached to the idea of studying overseas that it’s so hard to let go of.

So following up to last week’s post, I rejected the part-time editor position and held out for the second job which is really looking up for me – I’m meeting the boss tomorrow at noon actually. And I think I’m really close to sealing the deal. Then I just keep thinking – what about Perth?

I find myself thinking in the morning when I wake up: “Ok fuck this. I”m going to Perth.” And by lunchtime, it’d like “Oh I just HAVE to take this job” And then the next morning, I’m like “I AM GOING TO TAKE THIS JOB.” and a few hours later: “This is my one chance to live overseas :(”

But that’s the worse thing of all! Both are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that I may possibly never come again. People tell me: “Oh you’ll get other jobs.” But none that can provide career advancement as quickly as this, and offer such an amazing learning opportunity. I get to learn everything I’ve even thought I wanted and needed to learn. It’s just the perfect job.

Then there’s the problem of how I’m still studying part-time and I might not be able to cope with the job plus part-time studying all the way until next March. Going to Perth would be much easier on me because I’d be dependent on my parents’ for those 5 months.

WHY DO I HAVE TO STUDY :( Omg and I’m late for class. Bleargh. Ciao!


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