Clubpets Scans

I did say before that I would put up scans of my published works at the two magazines. I can’t help but feel a bit proud knowing that I’m published on a magazine! It’s funny. When I was first published on BT, I was found myself often, erm, terrified. Because it was such a big deal and “Business Times” sounded like big wigs read it so I was really scared that I would make a mistake and be torn apart online as many local journalists have been. Don’t get me wrong, I did feel an amazing pride each time I saw my name, but I was always terrified something bad would happen out of it. I have no idea why. Newspapers just have more weight to them, which is good because it in turn gives weight to my stories, but that also means it was a lot more pressurising.

But I digress. With clubpets it was different. I felt such joy seeing the first print reach the office. And the stories are so lighthearted and fun I didn’t worry very much if newsmakers would make a fuss or if I would receive any backlash from the anything I wrote. So I must say, it really was a most enjoyable experience.

So this is the cover. With Coco, whom I wrote a bit about in previous entries. She really is a doll. She licks strangers even. It’s adorable.

Clubpets Cover Coco Pomeranian Puppy

And this is the only story that has my byline. It’s a bit wordy, and a bit too newsy, but I’m just happy I have my name there heh. This is just 2 out of 4 pages. Head to 7-11 and purchase your own copy to read the rest!

Dog Cafe pg1 Dog Cafe pg2

This one.. Wasn’t really written by me, but I edited it – rewrote it entirely, really. And it actually freaked me out enough to start buying my dog dental treats because I started noticing that she was scratching her mouth area a lot hm..

Dogs Breath pg1 Dogs Breath pg2

This one is a little more copywriting than editorial. But I had great fun writing it. Too bad I didn’t get to take home a pair, though.  Heh. But it was fun nonetheless!

Outdoor Stylish Shades

There are a bit more that I did, but none too interesting. And I was lazy to scan and then crop them all. The bridal magazine I wrote for is out too but I’m having trouble locating it in stores. Oh well!


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