The sun doesn’t shine, it blazes.

2013 is turning out to be a crazy year!

True to one of my new year’s resolutions, I manned up and got the balls to ask my parents if I could go to Perth for a semester. AND THEY SAID YES. Ok they said “go find out more”. But that’s better than an outright no hehe (see, I am capable of optimism!)

The only problem is that the Aus contact is, erm, uncontactable. Apparently she hasn’t replied an email that a classmate of mine sent 5 months ago. And of course the Singapore end is not going to be very helpful because it means less money for them for a sem, because our fees will go directly to Perth. I feel so silly because at first, I actually thought they would be helpful because they valued us as, if not students, then customers at least. You know, long-term thinking – that we’d be so impressed with their helpfulness we’d introduce our friends and daughters to the school. Ah, but that must’ve been just my outrageous optimism talking.

So that’s one thing I need to settle. But. Life decides to throw me a curveball. It presents, not one, but two job opportunities for me.

First, it’s a part-time editor position at this online magazine that I write for. Only 2 times a week (it’s a pretty small magazine), a reasonable enough pay and it’s great because I can work on my other freelance stuff and concentrate on my schoolwork!

And on the same day, a contact of mine told me that another, more high-profile, website is looking for a writer. Now, said website was sort of popular at one point of time, but it died down a little. But I decided to visit it when I heard about the opening and my, my. What a change. The content was actually good. And lord knows there’s a gap in the local market for quality online magazines. And this was pretty darn good.

So it turns out that this website employed a new editor some time last year and completely whipped it into shape. So their readership shot up and they’re looking to expand.

The good: It’s home-based. Extremely flexible hours. Great opportunity for career advancement. Travel Opportunities. Everything just sounds amazing. Plus the editor seems pretty darn cool as well.

The bad: The pay. Well, it’s a start-up, so to speak, so that’s understandable. But it sounds like it’d be pretty busy and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to juggle work with school – though it being home-based with flexible hours sure helps. But most importantly – if I take this job, what about my semester in Perth?

It’s just a lot to think about and as grateful as I am that I’m being given amazing opportunities, I kind of wish they came at a different time. Maybe, in a year and three months after I’ve graduated. I just feel so torn.

I could turn down Job A, and hold out for Job B (which I haven’t gotten) but if that falls through I would’ve lost a good source of income. If I take Job A, somehow I think I might regret it – for no good reason at all. My intuition, if you may call it, keeps telling me that Job B would do wonders for me. But I just wonder if it’d be great enough to forgo a sem in Perth.

Somebody help me :(

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