Popping the magazine cherry, revelling in the Christmas spirit, and spreading cheer to my loves.

I guess it is true what they say! People with lives don’t have time to blog! Which means right now.. I am motherfucking free.

Well, mostly because I didn’t go to work today. Yes, I’m still at the puppy office but tomorrow’s my last day.

It’s been a great run, and I really enjoyed working on the pets magazine. The bridal one… not so much though. Too many advertorials, and too little article writing. Clubpets will be out next week and Blissful Brides the following, so I’ll post up scans of them soon. I did a few fashion spreads so those were really pretty cool to work on.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to see how a magazine publisher, albeit a small one, runs, and it’s actually quite an unexpected mix of newspaper and advertising work. I really wish I had joined them a bit earlier so I could do a bit of conceptualising or at least witness for myself how those things came about. But oh well, I’m sure I’ll have the chance in the future.

Of course, I think the thing I’d miss most would be Coco, the crazily adorable puppy.

Pomeranian puppy playing and sleeping montage


It’s funny how school had wired us to think that a new year always brought about change or a new lease of life along with it. Like whatever fuck-ups you might’ve had the previous year wouldn’t matter in the new one. But somehow, now, it doesn’t feel like that. I’ve made mistakes career-wise, lost friends I never wanted to lose, started a course I never wanted to start and I really don’t think all that’s gonna go away the second the clock strikes 12 on January 1st. But then again, who knows what the new year will bring, aye.

On a happier note, I finished up the last sem of the year a few weeks ago. Stayed up til 5am to do my final essay that was due the previous day and slept like a log for the next 10 hours. And lord when I woke up, it felt just like Christmas. Like a burden had floated off my shoulders and I knew what it felt to be like free… well, almost. But I don’t remember the last time I felt so Christmassy. Like pure ho-ho-ho mirth. Lol

My sister and I did up the tree, which is really funny in my house, cos it’s like an actual preserved tree that can’t be folded up and stored after Christmas is over. So it’s basically there like all year round. We do take down the decorations though… when we actually get around to it around June LOL.

So anyway, we did up the tree and I don’t know if it was the Christmassy feeling or that we felt particularly artistic this year, but we did (if I may say so myself) an amazing job. I mean, I was so proud; I wanted to get as much attention I could from it so I actually instagrammed it!!!!! yes, I instagrammed it!!! LOLOLOL wow right?

Marvelous Christmas Tree
So amazing.

Then I went for the Christmas party with the girls which we usually have every year. I think we’ve taken at least 10,000 pictures together in our decade of friendship and like, I really hate taking photos. Exhibit A:

JJFN Christmas 2012

In celebration of the Christmas spirit I bought my pets some Christmas presents too!!

Like, they obviously didnt’ know it was Christmas lah but if they’re happy! I’m happy.

Rudolph the Bunny Playing On Hay Mat Rudolph the Bunny
Rudolph the Bunny tearing the ball of hay apart

Rudolph the Bunny Exhausted
Rudolph the Bunny exhausted from playing on the straw mat.

For my dog I got her dental treats. LOL kind of underwhelming! But hey she’s a dog! She’d be happy with anything for eating! And she’s allergic to so much shit I’m kind of scared to buy her pupcakes or whatever.

Molly Frightened By ThunderMolly Eating Dental Treats
Molly Really Begging For TreatsMolly Begging For Treats

I’m excited for Christmas!! I hope it’d be wonderful :)


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