Coco The Puppy
Meet Coco! The office pet!

Yes, I got a new job! And looking at this cute little ball of fur, you can guess it’s pretty great!

It’s a 4-day week thing, which gives me enough time to continue with my freelance gigs and focus on school work. Plus it’s in the east which means I’m home by 7 every day. I can’t believe how lucky I am to find it. There I was whining about how it’s impossible to get a part-time writing job AND THERE YOU HAVE IT.

Sometimes I can’t believe how good life is.

Like I never dared to hope to find a perfect guy who was quirky, but not crazy. Of stable family background, but not boring. Out-of-the-box dreamer rather than follow-the-rules thinker. But I did, and he was right there in front of me all this time.

Then I didn’t dare to hope for a perfect job that could accommodate my crazy freelance and school schedule (i guess my piano plans will be sorely affected though) but, once again,  I did – and so near to my house too!

It’s like after a thousand years of throwing shit at me, life finally decided to concentrate on someone else and give me a break. Phew. To which I say, thank you life. And god.

Life took a strange turn the day I left Secondary School. I began to make my own choices, and I began to be more aware of how seemingly little decisions could impact the paths I was taking in my life’s journey. And sometimes it’s goddamn frightening not knowing if they’re the right choices and decisions. But it’s times like this that I feel there could be some hope somewhere. That life won’t totally be shit.

2012 started off iffy. Then it slipped down the slope of mediocrity. I’m glad I plucked up and decided to make a change. And despite a month of being lost and questioning if I had made the right decision, I’m pretty certain now.

This job is still temporary, but if I work hard at it, maybe it could be more of a long-term thing. Of course, it’s a little too early to say. But maybe life will be good to me once again.

But anyway, back to Coco the puppy! She’s 4 months old, and our boss, her owner, brings her to the office every morning and brings her home every evening. She enjoys scuttling up and down the office and fighting with her little chew toys while we work. And when she’s bored, a lucky someone gets to be a victim of her two-legged cries for attention. If you reach down to pet her, she grabs hold onto your hand with her front two paws, and, balancing on her back leg, licks your hand senseless. If you feel like it, you may pick her up and place her on your lap. On which she will curl up comfortably and slowly drift off to a most adorable sleep.

Everyone in the office loves her! And every half an hour or so you’ll hear someone suddenly cooing “Coco! Coco!” At which she will cock her head at the source, then trot over to shower your hands with licks, or strut away if she, well, feels like it. Hehe.

Random trivia #1: She’s lighter, and possibly even smaller than my rabbit.

Random trivia #2: When I showed my mum a picture of her, she said “So cute. Bring home to Molly as her toy.”

FYI Molly is my house dog! This is her 3 years ago. She’s bigger now :)

Molly the Monster


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