Happy Monthiversary!

With the madness of last week I forgot to mention that last week was the monthiversary of this blog!

Which means I actually lasted a month keeping at it! Woohoo!

I know it sounds pretty insignificant but I’m actually pretty proud of myself. And a lot of times I wonder what I’m trying to do with this blog because it really seems like just a ranting ground about my state of mind but recently I read my very first entry on Why I Started Blogging Again and everything just makes sense.

I think I’m quite happy with where this blog is going, even if it seems confused at times. And viewership is relatively low, with minimum publicity, so I’m really free to say whatever I want. And I think that’s a pretty safe thing :)

So Happy Monthiversary to me, and I hope there’ll be an anniversary to speak of in 11 months! Cheers.


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