Who is Justice Beaver?

Hello world!

Right, I know I wanted to blog a whole lot more than once a week but I have a reason for this, I promise.

This week has been absolutely crazy! I had my piano tuned, my regular night classes, project meetings, exercised a bit more than my usual sporadic schedule – not that it was regular.. just.. less sporadic lol – rushed out 4 freelance articles, and I went to Genting, Malaysia!

Sounds exciting right? Wrong.

You know how you sometimes read something about somewhere but you hope to god it ain’t real so you go anyway? That’s what happened to me. Not that anything terrible happened, we weren’t robbed or anything – though one of us did leave his passport, money and, erm, frozen otah on the bus home. Rather, what happened was that I found out that the saying about how there isn’t anything in Genting but casinos and themeparks… IS 100% TRUE.

“No way,” I thought. “Genting is a wonderful place, full of life and excitement! My eight-year-old memory of it can’t be wrong! It just can’t! Right?” WRONG.

I think I failed to take in account that what thrilled a pre-puberty girl might not exactly thrill an angsty 22-year-old. LOL MY BAD.

So instead of going on rides and playing with dollies (which I suppose is what eight-year-olds do), I joined the big boys and had my virgin experience gambling at a casino!

We took the 7am bus from Singapore and snored all the way up to Genting, which was freezing, but in a good way, since Singapore has been blazing like the fires of hell for the past few weeks. We ate some Halal Kenny Rogers, took a walk round the mall, then hit the casinos, where slot machines rang out congratulations and dealers dealt out cheers!

On the first day, we tried out Dai Sai, where my mate won lots of cash while another dude and I just bled out dry. Our party’s fourth member disappeared entirely, and we found him an hour later at a Pontoon table 1k richer.

On the second day, it was pretty much the same thing, lunch, casino, and that’s about it.

And yes, I lost again.

Lol Okay it’s pretty obvious that I’m just sore about losing money. Genting was fine, really. And the company was great.

But isn’t there this thing called beginner’s luck? I mean, what kind of blasphemy is this that lady luck doesn’t even grant me a token of fortune?! Life hates me.

The great thing was that everything was cheap (apart from the gambling) and it was great to take a break from the world, even if it was just 2 days. We slept like a lot and for the first time in a long time I lost that muddled-mindedness. I’m starting to wonder that if I’m happy and entertained enough, I actually distract myself from the fog in my head.

I don’t know. I realised that I’ve been going out way too much for someone who’s supposed to be laying low and just getting in touch with herself. Here’s hoping life will slow down a little this week on.


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