Waking Up To Freedom

So today marked my first day of freedom ^^

It’s 7pm right now but that means I’m only half way through it (Don’t you love being a night owl?) and I’ve spent it really well I think.

I love the fact that I did what I wanted. I love being able to plonk myself onto my bed whenever I want to. And I LOVE NOT SITTING ON MY ASS FOR 8 HOURS STRAIGHT.

I attempted to play the piano again, seriously this time, after erm.. 6 or 7 years? Which was when I did my grade 8. The results weren’t pretty. But it’s a start :)

I got off my ass and ran about 2.6km which I’m very pleased about. I wanted to cut down on my food as well but well, lady problems, I need my sustenance. Things are looking up :) Have 1 or 2 possible freelance gigs coming up. Hope I get more replies! Gonna send out my portfolio to more people later tonight.

Think I might start drawing out a personal schedule for myself too. Gosh I love being unemployed!! Hope this lasts hehehe.

There’re still a coupla things that I need to get done and want to get done. Like look up SEO info, pick up basic design knowledge, and work on this business idea that I had (doesn’t look like it might happen though). So much to do! So little time!

But I’m feeling upbeat today. Things might just be okay.


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