I can’t make a living through writing.

Here’s the truth. I want to make a living through writing.

And here’s my problem.

I don’t have an ego big enough to write as if what I think matters. For instance, instead of penning my thoughts on the many socio-political issues us Singaporeans face, I am whining about how I cannot make a living through writing.

It would be easy. I could just echo the thoughts of many disgruntled locals and word it in ways that avid netizens can really relate to. They would release a resounding cheer in unison, in the form of Facebook shares and Twitter retweets, accompanied with variations of “Send PRCs home!”, “SPCA can’t save you PAP dogs!” and something or other about property price bubble burst something something…

Not that I don’t care about these issues, a person with the talent to see the downsides of happiness such as myself has plenty to say about the problems we live in. It’s just that I can’t help but think.. Who cares?

Who cares what you think? People are looking for opportunities online to validate their hate for the lives. If you say you hate the government, people are gonna rise gleefully in support. If you say you support the government, people are going to stone you to death as best they can with witty insults like “Bet you’re a PRC PAP dog licking your master’s boot. KeKeXx”.

Whatever you’re writing isn’t changing anyone’s opinion of anything. And I would be fooling myself if I said writing about the foreigner influx, insane property and COE prices, declining birth rate, lack of university places etc were to serve any purpose but to exhibit my supposed capabilities for analytical thinking and effective expression through language.

When I write, I don’t want readers to just read. I want to inspire thoughts, emotion, action.

That’s why my calling is in lifestyle writing I suppose. I revel in the pages of fashion, art, design, leisure, food, travel simply because I feel uplifted knowing that amid all these angry birds and depressing issues, there are innovative businesses coming up every day, and bits of art being created in so many ways of fashion, food, music et al.

A successful entrepreneurship is never spearheaded by a pessimist. It takes a positive light to shine a path to success. That’s why politics, anger, complaints aside, there’s a world of innovation full of doers, not naysayers. And that gives me hope.

Socio-political rants would get me more hits, but lifestyle writing is more of my cup of tea, perhaps the only passion I’ve ever known.

Somehow I need to find a way to crack the skulls of readers. How do you get people, who are in some sense naturally interested in lifestyle news, look up from the instagram photos of food and take notice of what you have to say. How do you pick up on what people care about, what makes them interested, what keeps them entertained? What makes people tick?

I started this blog in hopes of finding myself, and I think, slowly, it’s taking me there. The more I write, the more I’m discovering why I think and feel the things I do.


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